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an american tail 5; the return of fievel by don bluth

After growing up and returning to his homeland, fievel, retiring from adventuring for a while, decides to settle down in russia with tiger and gets married to a mouse girl named tany. Hearing the name 'tany' causes him to return back to new york where his family still lived. Only to discover it's held under a dictatorship by the revenge hungry duo of cat R. waul and Warren T. rat. teaming up once again with his old gang, he sets out to take down warren and cat's rule

Sgt Frog by Funimation, Sunrise, etc. Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, MGM, Sony Pictures Animation, Illumination entertainment, Relativity Media, Spyglass Entertainment, Happy Madison production.

Keroro, an alien frog, is sent with his platoon to conquer Earth. But when his cover gets blown, he is force to stay behind and do meaningless chores and sleep in the dark basement as it was haunted by the ghost of an girl. He even spents his time playing video games, building Gundam models, and more. He realizes they are also 4 of his platoon mates, each at a care for a human. That are all linked to the Hinata someway. I hope you are ready in this frantic family CGI/live action film that will blow your socks off.

ET: The Extra Terrestrial by steven spielberg

a film about a boy who becomes friends with an alien

The Little Rascles by no one

a film about an all boys school

Glee (circa 90's) by Aziz

A high-school Spanish teacher becomes the director of the school's Glee club, hoping to restore it to its former glory.

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