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What started as a pathetic PR stunt soon gets out of hand in the worst way possible, when Hollywood actress Angelica Burnstow is subjected to date with one of her fans as part of a competition that the fan won, the winner is Jim Biggs, a quirky and introverted young man who is actually fanatically obsessed with Angelica and practically did whatever he could to make sure that he won the competition, and then Jim ends up kidnapping Angelica and taking her to a isolated yet idealistic lake-side cabin. Although kidnapping her and even threatening to kill her if she ...

The Forgotten Brother by Warner Bros. Pictures

A young policewoman fall in love with a mysterious author but she find out of his dark secret: He have a brother who is supposed to be dead and he have come back to exact his revenge Leo and Ben Commerford are 2 brothers from 1930s Main Characters Laura Fenn- 32 years old policewoman who is tomboy and doesn't interested in romance until she fall in love with Theodore. Theodore Webb- 23 years old mysterious author who is very private man. Turn out he is immortal and his real name was Leo Commerford Steven Wagner- 21 years old crazed serial ...

The Last Week of my Life by Sony/ColumbiaPictures

A criminal who only wants redemption, gets killed by a gangster who owed him money. But it will all change when God himself gives him just only one week to be alive, so he can redeem himself and fix everything that went wrong in his life, but mainly the relationships between his ex-wife and his son. This will be a comedy, that it will have drama (the ending will be happy but very emotional) and even some action and some little fantasy elements, but generally it will be a heartfelt and feel good film. INSPIRATIONS: Ghost (a more comedic version) ...


Jason Todd a.k.a Red Hood takes the alcoholic ex-sidekick of Green Arrow and the Tamaranean princess under his wing to combat an enemy who had managed to splice his own DNA with that of Aliens' in order to seek his vengeance. MPAA Rating: Rated R for bloody brutal violence throughout and brief sexuality/nudity.

The Fast & The Furious(2011) by Rob Cohen,David Ayer,Gary Scott Thompson,Erik Bergquist

If the movie was made 10 years later.

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