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Naked Heat by Richard Castle

After ending her romance with charming, Pulitzer Price-winning journalist Jameson Rook in the wake of the publication of his article about her homicide squad, NYPD Detective Nikki Heat is forced to accept Rook's help when a gossip columnist he was shadowing is found murdered. Having exposed the secrets of untold celebrities, there is no shortage of suspects, from baseball players to rock stars to an old flame of Nikki's, all of which she must sort through while dealing with the price of sudden fame and conflicting feelings over Rook's re-emergence in her life.

Heat Wave by Richard Castle

As a summer heat wave sweeps through New York City, NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat investigates the apparent suicide of a wealthy real estate tycoon while handsome and world-renowned reporter Jameson Rook shadows her for an article on the police department. Tough and dedicated to her job, at first Nikki finds Rook's tagging along annoying, but slowly sparks begin to fly as another murder complicates the case and Nikki herself is threatened.

Righteous Kill (1988) by Jon Avnet and Russell Gewirtz

What if Righteous Kill had been made in 1988?

The Dark Knight Detective by Bob Kane - New characters & plot variations by J.D. Taylor

Even though the numerous men masquerading as The Red Hood are serving time, Gotham City's police department are still on the lookout for the real crook who uses this alias and the mysterious 'Bat-Man', neither of whom have been seen since the fateful meeting between the villain and the vigilante two years ago. However, the attack on Pearl Harbour has taken the attention away from this shadowy individual. Yet, even as the young male adults are gearing up for war with Japan, three men who sat on a parole hearing have been poisoned in such a way that their lips ...

The Bat-Man by Bob Kane - New characters & plot variations by J.D. Taylor

It is 1939, and the world is in the brink of war. In Gotham City, however, a different threat is felt throughout this metropolis - that of the morally-bankrupt criminals who are capitalising on the dire economic circumstances that still linger from the Great Depression. Heading up these list of villians is one-time bank robber and chief mobster Frankie Foniucci. With police captains and lieutenants on his payroll, the public feels helpless agains crime. However, a recent hope for decent citizens has emerged in the shape of a mysterious individual, a man whom the police, the politicians and the press ...

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