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Titles Tagged “crime”

Two Days In The Valley by John Herzfeld - Plot Variations & New Characters By J.D. Taylor

Becky is sick of her marriage to Roy Foxx - a wannabe mobster and all-round sleazebag. A friend of hers, Mallory Wendell, says she knows a married couple in their twenties who work as contract killers. Mallory contacts them. Becky meets up with the husband-and-wife assassins at a diner in downtown L.A. She tells them that the payment of $100,000 will be in her and her husband's bedroom. They carry out the hit, but frame Becky for their crime. When she realises they've left her to carry the can, Becky decides to go after them. Unfortunately, it soon turns out ...

Run All NIght by Jaume Collet-Serra

Run all night if it was 10 yrs ago.

Gone Girl (1984) by David Fincher

Gone Girl made 30 years earlier.

Bad Boys by Michael Bay,Jerry Bruckheimer

If Bad Boys was rebooted.

Safe House (2002) by Daniel Espinosa, Universal Pictures

If the action spy thriller Safe House was made 10 years earlier.

Popular Titles

Aladdin (1950's)

What if Aladdin was made in the 1950s?

The Holly Jolly Christmas

PLOT: Local college student from Boston, Jill Parrish comes home for the holidays to spend ...

Angel For Christmas

PLOT: After the death of his mother from cancer, Scott Keller relationship with his workaholic ...

Christmas or Hanukkah

PLOT: Will Roberts(a Christian man)and Sharon Martin(A Jewish woman)celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah separately. They later ...

Coming Around for Christmas

PLOT: Trevor Patton, a recently graduated college student, is back home for good. Around Christmas, ...


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