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Titles Tagged “crime”

Arkham Asylum by Paul Dini

A film based off the games, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

The Disappearence of Alice Creed by J Blakeson

Two criminals, Vic and Danny, kidnaps Alice Creed. They fastidiously set-up an apartment building and handcuff Alice to the bed, all in a careful attempt to make she won't escape and won't get caught. But what do Vic and Danny really want with Alice? And is Alice cunning enough to foil their plans and escapes?...

Soul Calibur X (2013) by Warner Bros.

Based On The Video Game From "Tekken", "Dead Or Alive", And "Mortal Kombat" Bring To Life To Battle Head-to-Head To Have War On Our Lives.

Forbidden Love by Daniel Williamson (Storyline), William Shakespeare ("Romeo and Juliet" inspiration).

FORBIDDEN LOVE is a one-off 6-part British mini series, which is inspired by the classic William Shakespeare play ROMEO AND JULIET. FORBIDDEN LOVE centers around two modern day rival wealthy families: The Barrons (John, the patriarch. Francis, the matriarch. Kelly, the daughter. Richard, Kelly's cousin. Maggie, John's mother and Wilson, their butler) and The Creeds (Jeffrey, the patriarch. Paula, the matriarch. Ben, the son. Laurence, Ben's cousin and Bill, their butler). As the two families feud with each other, when The Barron's daughter Lydia commits suicide, when her fiancee, the estranged member of the Creed family, Christopher, broke her heart, ...

The Wolverine by Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox

When Gambit discovers that Weapon 11 now known as Deadpool is alive and is eager to get revenge on Wolverine and Sabretooth; Gambit must find them both in order to warn them. Meanwhile Wolverine is in Japan and becomes friends with an old crimelord Lord Shingen and his young daughter Mariko but when a dangerous threat known as the Clan Yashida attempt to destroy Shingens criminal family and empire Wolverine must protect the family from both them and Deadpool.

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