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They Thirst by Robert R. McCammon

Based on the novel by the late horror author Robert R. McCammon, They Thirst is an epic tale set in and around Los Angeles where the forces of darkness are gathering, adding new blood to their ranks every night... LA Detective Andy Palatazin hasn't been busier, hunting the serial killer the papers are calling 'The Roach.' But this killer isn't out for himself. The one he answers to needs blood and God forbid he doesn't get what he demands. On the streets, the gangs are getting out of control and many lives are being claimed each night. Every day, bodybags ...

The Stand by Stephen King

Three part movie based on the uncut and unabridged version of Stephen King's epic horror novel. A manufactured virus escapes containment deep within an undisclosed military base setting about the exctinction of the human race. As the entire world falls victim to this fatal superflu, only a handful of people turn out to be immune and find themselves at the mercy of the murderous rages of a dying USA as society eventually collapses in on itself. The military is operating at full capacity to prevent the truth getting out until order breaks down and the truth can no longer be ...

Mortal Kombat: Warlords by Dan Ashley

In Outworld, the forces of evil that were once defeated by Raiden and his team of Earthrealm Warriors have been resurrected and are formed under a deadly alliance that threatens to bring about the destruction of all realms. Liu Kang has been killed by Shang Tsung and cursed to go on as a walking corpse, trapped in the pits of his dungeons. In a Mortal Kombat Tournament, Raiden is defeated by the Dragon King Onaga and has to forfeit Earthrealm's control. Armageddon has begun. Not intent on letting Shang Tsung, the sorcerer Quan Chi, Shao Kahn and Onaga crush Earthrealm ...

Afraid of Monsters by Team Psykskallar

David Leatherhoff is a druggie trying to quit his addiction to a new kind of painkiller. However, after smuggling a bottle of pills into rehab with him, he suddenly feels it's time for one last dose before he quits for good.

The 9 Sins Of Dante by Based upon the Poem of ''Dante's Inferno'' by Dante Aligheri.

TV Movie which is a retelling of DANTE'S INFERNO. British Knight Dante of Essex returns home after years of torture and imprisonment, when he joined King Richard I in the Third Crusade. But ''The Avenger'', a mysterious stranger fatally wounds Dante. Before dying, Dante finds both his father Lord Essex and his beautiful wife Beatrice have been brutally murdered. Finding himself in Hell, Dante learns from the poet Virgil, Beatrice made a pact with Lucifer, if Dante committed sinful acts during the Third Crusade, her soul would become his property. Setting off across the fires of Hell to free Beatrice ...

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