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Harry Potter vs. Army of Darkness by J.K. Rowling and Sam Raimi

Set during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and after the Bruce Campbell classic Army of Darkness. Ash is accidentally sent to modern day England and must team with Harry Potter and his friends to stop Lord Voldermort and Evil Ash from acquiring the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and destroying the world.

Manhunt II by Dan Ashley

Dixmor Asylum has just lost it's most dangerous patient. Former doctor Daniel Lamb is scared, confused and amnesiac and upon escaping with fellow inmate, the cold and calculating Leo Kasper, he goes in search of his past to find out how he got himself locked up. But hot on their trail are the city's entire police force, a sinister group of hunters known as The Watchdogs and a crack team of mercenaries and it isn't long before an unforgivable amount of blood has been spilled. Rather than run away, Lamb and Kasper come back looking for the people responsible for ...

Manhunt by Dan Ashley

Based on the PS2 game from Rockstar. Convicted murderer and Death Row inmate James Earl Cash has been executed by lethal injection but it was staged, nothing but a hoax. Has-been Hollywood Cinematographer Lionel Starkweather has been perfecting his own brand of snuff movie for years, backed and financed by the criminal underworld and Carcer City's corrupt authorities. Hundreds of people have disappeared off these dangerous streets, hunted through its endless myriad of condemned wastelands and private properties. The gangs hunt them down like animals, the cameras see it all and the black market wants more... Starkweather is giving Cash ...

In the Mouth of Madness by Michael De Luca

A remake of the 1995 John Carpenter horror film of the same name. Insurance Investigator John Trent is sent to find the world's greatest horror novel writer Sutter Cane, who has been reported missing by his publisher, Jackson Harglow, following a publicity stunt. At the same time, his latest series of novels is causing mass hysteria and psychotic mania amongst his growing legion of fans. Travelling out into the middle of nowhere after finding a lead, Trent and Cane's publicist Linda Styles find themselves trapped in a rural town that shouldn't actually exist and with dark forces preventing their escape ...

Evil Dead IV by Sam Raimi & Scott Spiegel

It has been almost two decades since Ashley J. Williams last fought the Deadites and thanks to a little help from his medieval allies, the nightmare has long been dispelled and the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, the book of the dead, sits safely locked away in a highly secured vault. Ash has let himself go since then, dispirited by a lifetime of nightmares, three divorces and eternal boredom with his job as Deputy Manager of S-Mart; and at the back of his mind after all this time he's still waiting for the Evil Dead to return, all the while drowning his sorrows ...

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