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Batman: Triumphant (2000) by Based on the DC Comic created by Bob Kane. Akiva Goldsman (Screenplay)

After retiring as Batman, Bruce Wayne is forced to become The Dark Knight once again, when the evil Man-Bat frames him for the murder of Batgirl...

The Warriors (television miniseries) by James Wan

These are the Armies of the Night! Adapted from the original novel by Sol Yurick and the screenplay by Walter Hill, The Warriors miniseries, like the PS2 videogame starts some months before the events in the film unfold. Set in an alternate late 70's era, the series follows the exploits of a Brooklyn street gang looking to survive where New York's streets are rife with crime, notably gang violence and grand theft. The Warriors, a rising street gang comprising of former members of the Destroyers and the Coney Island Dominators (who are no longer), out to make a rep for ...

Punisher: War Journal by David Hayter & Alex Tse

Following up from The Beginning, War Journal begins with the establishment of violent, sadistic hired killer Barracuda, whom Castle first comes into conflict with while targeting ruthless and corrupt corporate businessman Harry Ebbing. Upon assumedly seeing the last of Barracuda after a grisly fight to the death, Castle finds himself en route to Afghanistan to back up Kathryn O'Brien who has gone in search of revenge for past monstrosities committed against her by certain members of the Taliban. But old enemy, Russian General Nikolai Alexandrovich Zakharov and Castle's attempted assassin from 'The Beginning' Bill Rawlins, murderous ex-husband of Kathryn O'Brien, ...

Punisher: The Beginning by David Hayter & Alex Tse

A film adaptation of The Punisher in wake of the news that there is bound to be yet another reboot. If so, make it a MAX adaptation please, and give us some honest to god drama to justify the mindless violence, or else fuck everything up as you always tend to, Hollywood!!! Based on Garth Ennis's work with the legendary character and carrying on from War Zone, The Beginning takes off some years after Castle kills Jigsaw. Vigilante Ex-Special Forces Marine Frank Castle has been trying to find a way to forgive the past through fighting the murderous criminal underworld ...

Horrible Bosses (1989) by Seth Gordon

What if "Horrible Bosses" was made in the 1980s?

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Blake Edwards

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