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Blue Monday by Chynna Clugston Flores

From the director of Superbad and the geniuses behind Scott Pilgrim comes the adventures of Bleu Finnegan, her friends, her crush on her history teacher, and her life lessons from a towering otter pooka, in Deadwood, CA circa 1991-93, daydreaming life at Jefferson High School. COMPARISON PITCH: Riverdale meets The Wonder Years without the narration CHARACTERS: Bleu L. Finnegan – The main protagonist of the series. Bleu has blue hair, and a somewhat innocent, occasionally naive personality. She is obsessed with mod culture and music, as well as 1980's New Wave, ska, Madchester and 1990's Britpop. Among her favorite musical ...

ICE BREAKERS: HAILSTORM by Tristan Hartup and Vincent Garcia

The ancient frozen city of Ísborg and (almost) all of its powerful crystal orbs have been destroyed, believing that they are no longer needed by society, Cody Hayes, Kacey and Megan Booker, and Alan Eckbert have disbanded and gone their separate ways, one of them is still continuing the superhero duty while the rest are attempting to continue their lives from where they left off 30 years ago. Until reports begin to surface on just one last crystal orb still intact and that it's somewhere out there, possibly in the hands of terrorist groups being used as a weapon and/or ...

Aladdin (1960s) by John Musker and Ron Clements

What if "Aladdin" was made during the Golden Age of Disney?

Denis Villeneuve's Avengers: Age of Ultron by Stan Lee

Denis Villeneuve directed Avengers: Age of Ultron

Denis Villeneuve's The Avengers by Joss Whedon

What if Denis Villeneuve directed The Avengers?

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The Dark Half

If The Dark Half was made today?

Poison Ivy

what if the Drew Barrymore film was release today.

February 1959

The biopic of three musicians, Ritchie Valens, age 17, J.P. Richardson(The Big Bopper), age 28, ...

The Bodyguard

what if the Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston film was release today.

Waiting to Exhale

what if the Forest Whitaker directed film was release today.


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