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Beat Bugs (90s) by Netflix

What if Beat Bugs was Made in the 90s

TOONTOWN by Vincent Garcia and Walt Disney Animation Studios

The movie will have CGI but it will feel like Toontown Online in some way First for all, Gyro Gearloose WON'T be the inventor of Cogs and I wanted TOONTOWN to be very stand-alone and have NO connection with Mickey Mouse Gang Rated PG Main Characters Flippy Doggenbottom- Main Protagonist who is a happy-go-lucky dog who want to protect Toons from ruthless Cogs Franz Neckvein- A german-speaking mouse and deutertagonist who is reluctantly to help Flippy because he have a bad history of Dogs and Cats Eugene- A duck who doesn't know about his family due of being an orphan ...

Pluto: The Movie by Disney and Ghost Train Pictures

This story for Pluto's Kid Brother (Macaulay Culkin) and his big brother, Pluto (Gary Oldman), who was taking Dinah the Dachshund (Cameron Diaz) to travel in U.S.A. to find Pluto's uncle, Louie (Thom Adcox-Hernandez) and Pluto's father, John (Penn Jillette) in California before Principal Mazur to going to find Pluto and takes him to the pound. Pluto spotted by Jiminy Cricket (voiced by Corey Burton) was caught to travel in U.S.A. for Uncle Louie. But, the Sleaze brothers: Sam (James Franco) and Sid (Johnny Depp) is kidnapping Pluto, Dinah, and K.B. in the cage in the carnival. Mickey and his ...

Rise of the Guardians (1992) by Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment

What if Rise of the Guardians was released in the early 90's ? What would be like ?

Rise of the Guardians (2002) by Dreamworks Animation

What if Rise of the Guardians was released in 2002 ? What would it be like ?

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