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Survival Island by Daniel Williamson (Story)

SURVIVAL ISLAND is a gripping and sensual TV movie which is a updated version of SWEPT AWAY. The tagline is ''Stranded on a Desert Island... The Only Survivors of a Disaster at Sea... Now they both need each other to stay alive..'' Luca Treadwell is a beautiful 38-year-old fashion model who is on a private trip with rocker boyfriend Max Wheeler to Fiji. But disaster strikes when the passenger ship she is a passenger on collides into a Oil tanker and the passenger ship sinks. Washed up on a barren island, Luca and another passenger Richard Atkins, son of a ...

Castle Quest by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

CASTLE QUEST is a new British 25-minute Fantasy Adventure gameshow in the tradition of KNIGHTMARE that is filmed in front of a blue screen. The GameMaster chooses a team of three contestants from ages 16 - 19 to take part. In CASTLE QUEST, The contestants are the advisors of a Barbarian Warrior named Mergon. Mergon is sent into CASTLE QUEST, a black fortress. Mergon will be unable to see what is in front of him since the entire castle is completley pitch-black. Mergon's only weapons is a golden-sword and a magic shield which allow the 3 advisors to observe and ...

Piggy Malone and Charley Farley by Ronnie Barker and Robbie Corbett (Characters ''The Two Ronnies), Spike Milligan (Character ''The Phantom Raspberry Blower''), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

PIGGY MALONE AND CHARLEY FARLEY is a BBC sitcom based on the characters that were created and performed by comedy duo Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett in the 70's sketch comedy show THE TWO RONNIES. Set in modern day Britain, Piggy Malone is a aging overweight detective. Teamed up with his intelligent and loyal sidekick, Charley Farley. Piggy Malone sets out to solve mysteries of crimes. But Piggy and Charley often find themselves often battling The Phantom Raspberry Blower, a mysterious Jack the Ripper style madman from Victorian England who has been revived from suspended animation as he continues his ...

Party Night by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

PARTY NIGHT is a comedy drama series. Ariel Nolan is a smart, sexy and beautiful Australian Fashion Model and former BIG BROTHER contestant living in Bondi. After recently inheriting $80000 from her recently deceased Aunt and catching her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Ariel decides to quit the Fashion buisness. Moving to Palmerston North, New Zealand, Ariel meets Robina Burton, a drop-dead gorgeous blonde stripper who works part time at a record shop. Learning they've both got something in common (They like to party), Ariel and Robina decide to go into buisness and they open a licensed drug-free dance ...

War Zone by Daniel Williamson (Story)

WAR ZONE is a TV movie. Jake Triton is a former Iraq war veteran, struggling as a single father to raise his 17-year old daughter Jenny. Jake thought the war was far from over... He was wrong... Benjaiman T. Shannon, who also fought in the Iraq war and the younger brother of Jake's friend Derrick who too fought in the Iraq war, but was killed in action unexpectedly shows up at Jake's doorstep. Benjaiman has a grudge against Jake blaming him for his brother's death. Jake becomes distrustful of Benjaiman and wants him to stay away from him and Jenny. ...

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