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Red Dwarf: Kryten's Origin by Daniel Williamson (Idea), Rob Grant and Doug Naylor (Character)

RED DWARF: KRYTEN'S ORIGIN is a one-off computer animated spin-off of RED DWARF, featuring the loveable robotic butler Kryten. KRYTEN'S ORIGIN is set on Earth in the year 2340, 337 years after Dave Lister was put into supsended animation on-board Red Dwarf, as it cronichles Kryten's creator, Robotics scientist Professor Mamet as she gets her revenge on her Ex-fiancee John Warburton and helps the DivaDroid International corporation create the Series 4000 mechanoids as slaves to mankind, and creates Kryten 2X4B-523P and models him after John Warburton...

The Body Father by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

THE BODY FATHER is a emotional and powerful British One-off Drama. John and Sarah Rylance are married couple, both born in 1971 living in a suburban neighbourhood somewhere in England. John is a postman and Sarah teaches pre-school. Married for 2 years, John and Sarah have both been struggling to have a baby, but John is infertile and it has been causing problems with their marriage. Until, John and Sarah hires hansome 40-year old handyman Kevin Hartnoll to do some mainteance work on their kitchen. After inviting Kevin to join them for a drink at the local pub, John, Sarah ...

Fifty Something by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

FIFTY SOMETHING is a British Comedy Crime Drama. FIFTY SOMETHING is set somewhere in suburban London. Jane Harbinson, Robyn Preston, Nicola Redman and Debra Kyte are 4 middle-aged women in their 50's who are all happily married and their sons and daughters are either married or gone to University or still living at home. After Robyn catches her husband Gregory in bed with another woman and kills both her husband and her lover and manages to dispose of their bodies, the incident signals a change in their behaviour as the four women begin acting strangely: Jane wants to get herself ...

SIMONA STARR by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

SIMONA STARR is a Science Fiction Comedy Adventure television series. SIMONA STARR follows the adventures of blonde Intergalactic space adventuress Simona Starr, captain of the rocket ship ''Rocketcar'' who comes from a another galaxy. With help from her sidekick, co-pilot and trusted friend Spacehawk, a bird-like humanoid from Sky City, a floating city from the skies of the planet Kerril. Simona Starr finds herself in allsorts of intergalactic swashbuckling adventures as she fights her evil foes: The evil space pirate, The Brutish half human/half robotic Captain Thoron, his bumbling sidekick, Thungo who works for the cunning space lord Count Aktar, ...

PETRA PAN by Daniel Williamson (Idea), JM Barrie (Characters)

PETRA PAN is a mini-series which is a spin-off of J.M Barrie's fantasy story PETER PAN. What if Wendy Darling never returned to London? What if she stayed in the magical world of Neverland and what if Wendy and Peter Pan had a daughter? PETRA PAN follows the exciting adventures of Peter and Wendy's daughter Petra, as she follows in her father's footsteps and inherits her fathers ability to fly, with help from The Lost Boys, Petra helps The Lost Boys do battle with the evil pirate Captain Hook and his bumbling sidekick Smee and helps make Neverland a safer ...

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