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Simon Inglis's Football Odyssey by Daniel Williamson (Idea), Simon Inglis

SIMON INGLIS'S FOOTBALL ODYSSEY is a 6-part British documentary series presented by Author, radio broadcaster and historian Simon Inglis who is the series editor of the internet website and the book series PLAYED IN BRITAIN. In each episode, Simon visits football studiums across Britain, orginisations, as he does some research on the architecure of British history, Uncovers artifacts of British sport, samples some of the finest British sports art and all the connections to Britian's heritage and along the way interviews football fans and philosphers...

Cybertek by Daniel Williamson (Concept)

CYBERTEK is a sci-fi action comedy series. Los Angeles. The year is 2015. John Woodward is a maverick scientist working for the LAPD. John has invented a machine that can convert human molecules into data allowing people to go inside the computer. John decides to test the machine on himself and he sucessfully enters his computer. But something goes terribly wrong, Jerry ''Microchip'' Lindenmeyer, Woodward's rival, a notorious computer hacker sabotages the experiment and destroys Woodward's machine leaving Woodward trapped inside the computer. Now a fearless interactive computer program code-named ''Cybertek'', Woodward helps the Los Angeles Police Department fight crime. ...

One Night at Mcool's 2: The Wedding by Daniel Williamson (Idea), Stan Seidel (Characters)

ONE NIGHT AT MCCOOL'S 2: THE WEDDING is the long-awaited TV movie sequel to the sexy 2001 comedy flick ONE NIGHT AT MCCOOL'S starring Liv Tyler and Matt Dillon. ONE NIGHT AT MCCOOL'S 2: THE WEDDING is set some years after the 2001 film, Randy is now in jail for the series of robberies and the death of Detective Dehling. In jail, Randy meets a female convict named Lola, Lola reveals she is Mr. Burmeister's Ex wife and Randy learns Mr. Burmeister and Jewel are going to get married in a couple of days. With help from Lola and a ...

Ace of Spades by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

ACE OF SPADES is a animated surreal and comic violent 30 minute British sitcom in the tradition of THE YOUNG ONES and BOTTOM. Ace Spades and Del Large are two flatmates who share a house in the fictional British town of Little Piddle. Ace is a unemployed punk singer of a punk band called ''The Bottom Burps'' that performs at a local pub and Del is a aging ladies man whose Liverpudlian billionaire uncle, Desmond Large owns a chain of hotels across the UK after winning the National Lottery in 1995. But Ace's rebellious lifestyle and Del's days of womanizing ...

Cody Stevenson by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

CODY STEVENSON is a 60-minute American drama TV series. Cody Stevenson is a former undercover Los Angeles policeman now a tough-as-nails private detective working in Miami, Florida. Hired by various clients and sometimes helping the Miami police department, Stevenson uses his skills in police tactics and survellience as he investigates murders, suicides, robberies and missing people and on some occasions, he is hired by clients and the Miami police department to protect people, track down people and solving problems. But sometimes Stevenson has trouble of his own, when he becomes sexually invovled with female clients and femme fatales and gets ...

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