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Dragoneer by Daniel Williamson (Story)

DRAGONEER is a mini-series. Malnon is a farmer living a peaceful life with his wife Doltara and his son Taramacus. But Melnon's peaceful life is shattered when the evil wizard Jando uses his dark powers to drain Doltara and Taramacus's lifeforce turning them to ashes. Swearing revenge on Jando, Malnon encounters the brave swordsman Grimwyn who reveals to Malnon the truth about himself. Malnon is the last of the Dragoneers (The Dragoneers were once fighters against evil that had the ability to transform into dragons, until Jando wiped them out. Malnon's father Nobeon was a Dragoneer). Learning to control his ...

DEATHARM by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

DEATHARM is a action fantasy adventure series. In the land of Telrog (''A Land of Strength and Beauty'') Deatharm, a great Barbarian Swordsman and son of the sorceress Ryrella travels across Telrog. Never alone on his travels, Deatharm is joined by his younger brother, the mighty Solando who fights with his bare hands and the beautiful sorceress Lylayla. Travelling to different locations on Telrog, Deatharm and his companions aid people in need of help and finds themselves on allsorts of adventures, as Deatharm does battle with the evil god of fire Ershar, the mighty giant warrior Volkayn and the warlord ...

Simon Masters by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

SIMON MASTERS is a British Action Adventure television series, in the tradition of JAMES BOND. His name is Masters... Simon Masters... He is a Ex Paratrooper in the British Army who has been recruited to join a top-secret agency code-named SEA (Spy Elite Agency) a unoffical orginization outside the British government. Given the ''Agent 9'' status. Simon with help from his college, field operative Will Gelt Agent .50 is sent by his boss, Scorpio, on dangerous missions to infiltrate villians and foil their schemes. Along the way, Scorpio sends SEA's top agent Laura Knight Agent 2 to keep a eye ...

Survival Island by Daniel Williamson (Story)

SURVIVAL ISLAND is a gripping and sensual TV movie which is a updated version of SWEPT AWAY. The tagline is ''Stranded on a Desert Island... The Only Survivors of a Disaster at Sea... Now they both need each other to stay alive..'' Luca Treadwell is a beautiful 38-year-old fashion model who is on a private trip with rocker boyfriend Max Wheeler to Fiji. But disaster strikes when the passenger ship she is a passenger on collides into a Oil tanker and the passenger ship sinks. Washed up on a barren island, Luca and another passenger Richard Atkins, son of a ...

Castle Quest by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

CASTLE QUEST is a new British 25-minute Fantasy Adventure gameshow in the tradition of KNIGHTMARE that is filmed in front of a blue screen. The GameMaster chooses a team of three contestants from ages 16 - 19 to take part. In CASTLE QUEST, The contestants are the advisors of a Barbarian Warrior named Mergon. Mergon is sent into CASTLE QUEST, a black fortress. Mergon will be unable to see what is in front of him since the entire castle is completley pitch-black. Mergon's only weapons is a golden-sword and a magic shield which allow the 3 advisors to observe and ...

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