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Pirates of the Caribbean the Television Series by Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio, Stuart Beattie and Jay Wolpert (Characters), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN THE TELEVISION SERIES is a animated spin-off cartoon series based on the blockbuster Disney trilogy starring Johnny Depp, as the series follows the continuing high-seas adventures of eccentric pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, who together with his friends, swashbuckling former Black Smith Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan, daughter of Weatherby Swan, governor of Port Royale and the crew of The Back Pearl as they travel across the seven seas and battle their evil enemies: the undead Captain Barbossa and the Octopus-like Davy Jones, captain of the feared pirate ship The Flying Dutchman...

The Krystal Forscutt Show by Daniel Williamson (Concept)

THE KRYSTAL FORSCUTT SHOW is a 60-minute Australian talk-show presented by model, Former BIG BROTHER contestant and NEED FOR SPEED: PRO-STREET star Krystal Forscutt as she interviews Hollywood, Television and Hollywood's hottest celebrities. The show also features live performances from singers and pop groups. During the show Krystal will interact with the auidence and Krystal and the auidence would dance to music. Before the end of each show, Krystal and one of her celebrity guests will do a duet in karoake and Krystal would also interview contestants from BIG BROTHERS and getting low down on what's happening in the BIG ...

Pakula the Caveman by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

PAKULA THE CAVEMAN is a half-hour computer animated cartoon series. Cavara is a distant alien world, a world of ''Kingdoms, Reptillian creatures and Sorcery''. Living in the world of Cavara is Pakula, a mighty caveman, armed with his weapon, a spiked club, Pakula travels across Cavara from the deep blue desert, to the land of Arbaria to across the sea to the far ends of Cavara and beyond. But Pakula is never alone on his travels. Together with his companions: a beautiful outcast named Chloa, a sorceress named Livamke, The mighty warrior prince, Dask, Prince of Arbaria and his loyal ...

The Adventures of Yor by Based on the graphic novel ''Henga, el Cazador'' by Ray Collins and Juan Zanotto Daniel Williamson (Idea)

THE ADVENTURES OF YOR is a 25-minute animated Fantasy Adventure cartoon series based on the graphic novel ''Henga, el Cazador'' by Ray Collins and Juan Zanotta and it's 1983 feature film adaptation. Yor, is a blonde barbarian who lives with a tribe of cavemen. When the sinister hodded villian The Overlord and his army of humanoid apemen attacks Yor's tribe, The Overlord uses his magic medallion to turn Yor's tribe into stone statues, except for Yor, who manages to take the medallion before the Overlord can turn him also into stone. On a desperate quest to free his people, Yor ...

2 Become 1 by Daniel Williamson (Story) Based on the song by The Spice Girls

2 BECOME 1 is a British romantic drama TV movie. The tagline is ''At a party one night in the city... Two worlds collide, between two strangers who have never met''... It is one night in London, England, Scottish University student Mickey attends a party in a apartment building run by his cousin, entertainment agent Travis and his kiwi fiancee Stacey to celebrate Travis's 45th birthday. At the party, Mickey meets Travis's boss Omar and Rebecca, Stacey's sister, a sucesseful blonde fashion model who is dating Mickey's other cousin Andrew. Mickey sets his eyes on Nina, a beautiful young woman ...

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