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THE GHOSTLY SUPER SIX by Tristan Hartup and Vincent Garcia

Geeky and unpopular teenager Liam McKenna is a gigantic comic book enthusiast who greatly idolised the Power Crew ever since they first appeared and naturally was devastated when he heard news about what happened to them (the events that transpired in Lone Wolves: Final Ground, The Sentinel: Incarcerator and Time Jumper: The Last Jump). But by his sixteenth birthday, Liam discovers now suddenly has superpowers! It turns that Liam is in the possession of powers that belonged to a team of six superheroes that existed from the late '30s to the early '40s that had died and been forgotten ever ...

THE EMERALD EYE by Tristan Hartup and John Silver

Bret Moses Carter is a young man with anger issues who's falsely accused of killing his whole his family and is sentenced to execution. Determined to redeem himself and solve the mystery behind his family's murder, Bret escapes and encounters a mysterious and seemingly ageless man who says he's a member of a secret organisation that's existed for a thousands of centuries, known as the Legion Of The Three Eyes, Bret learns that he possesses the old soul of ancient and powerful guardian who failed stop a war behind two different spiritual races: Malekyths, who believe in self-preservation and control, ...

BRAIN AND BRAWN by John Silver and Vincent Garcia

Frank Bannister, a tough-as-nails homicide detective is enjoying his life in retirement after 30 years in the police force. While travelling back to California to see his family again, Frank is kicked out of the plane after a last-minute cancellation home. That is, until he accidentally bumps into Larry Kennedy, a happy-go-lucky adventurer who was also kicked out of the same plane for refusing to give up his seat. The two men are forced to go on a cross-country trip when Larry reveals he is an autistic man applying to become a criminal investigator trying to find a mastermind who ...

Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together by Bryan O'Malley and James Gunn

It takes place during summer 2005, two months after Scott defeated Todd Ingram, as the characters have a get-together on the beach for Julie Powers' birthday. Ramona tells Scott that he is the nicest boy she's ever dated. Later, at Julie's aunt's house, Scott accidentally walks in on Kim Pine and Knives Chau, who are drunk and making out. (let us never speak of this again) Later that August, Kim moves into an apartment with Hollie and Joseph. Stephen Stills, who is volunteering to help, sees that Joseph has a home recording studio, and asks him to help Sex Bob-omb ...

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World by Bryan O'Malley

it opens with a flashback to Scott Pilgrim as a transfer student to St. Joel's Catholic High School in Northern Ontario, seven years before the series began. As soon as Scott arrives on campus, he is faced with three hoodlums, whom he fights and ultimately loses to. Outside the principal's office, Scott meets a girl named Lisa Miller who immediately befriends him. Scott and Lisa attempt to start a band (Sonic & Knuckles), only to realize that they are missing a drummer. Meanwhile, Scott meets Kimberly Pine in his geography class (he draws a sheep for her) and grows increasingly ...

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If Breaking Bad was made in the 1980's.

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What if the Amazing Spider-Man was made 10 years later

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Spider-Man: Homecoming made 30 years earlier.


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