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SPIDER-MAN: DARK RUBBLE by John Silver and Marvel

In light of the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming release, I thought I'd get back on the Marvel Reboot wagon and create a sequel to my own vision of Spider-Man. Plot: After Spider-Man finally puts The Stranger under arrest resulting from a nearly catastrophic battle, the latter reveals to Peter a mysterious group of super villains being established to start an army for a new "Universe". However, Peter's life starts falling into an existential crisis - Aunt May falls ill to an unidentified virus, college life becomes increasingly difficult, his best friend Harry Osborne suspects Peter's alter-ego, and Gwen Stacy starts falling ...

Fantastic Four (MCU Reboot) by Marvel Studios

After the events of Avengers 4 a corrupt British Businessman and CEO of Wizard Enterprises, Bentley Wittman finances 4 Young British Scientists lead by Reed Richards to go on a space voyage to reach for a cosmic ray accompanied by Wizard Enterprises Scientist, Dr Harvey Elder. When their spaceship reaches the cosmic ray they were all exposed and crash into earth. All the crew members recieved new powers. Reed Richards gained the power to stretch his body like rubber. Sue Storm gained the power to become invisible and generate force shields, Ben Grimm became a rock like creature with super ...

Thor Ragnarok(1987) by Marvel

If it was made in the 80s

Spider-man: Homecoming(2007) by Marvel

10 years earlier

Impossible Man (2022) tv series by Marvel Television

Set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After Galactus consumes the Planet Poppup. The last of the Poppupians, The Impossible Man escape to earth and settles in Ealing, London (about 10 miles from the Fantastic Fours base in London, The Baxter Building) where he meet with a local school science teacher, Emma Small. They both team up together to fight local threats in Ealing such as The Puppet Master, a Skrull headmaster and Moleman. The show runner will be Russell T Davis and modelled on the Doctor Who spinoff Sarah Jane Adventures.

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