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CONFIDENT AL by John Silver

A TV Mini-Series involving a dark comedy character study of a corrupt cop in LA. In Los Angeles, California, anything is possible for Albert "Al" Matthews, who enjoys the action as a police officer busting wanted criminals with possession of drugs, money, and property. But at night, things are different for the narcissistic wisecracking cop, who lives on corruption, stealing money from the evidence locker, and getting involved with a drug kingpin that serves as a danger of overthrowing the police force. With nothing to lose, Al Matthews continues to delve into the underworld of criminal life, but knows at ...


Set against the backdrop of the devastating aftermath of a World War 3, countries all around the world have fallen out of order into ruins and are in a desperate struggle to reform themselves. In a last ditch effort, a newly formed international organisation consisting of the major nations at the moment: USA, UK, France and Russia, simply called "UNITE" formulate a plan in which they make their highly trained surviving children into a travelling group of peacekeepers, consisting of the US president's son, the British Prime minister's daughter, French prime minister's son and Russian defence minister's stepson, to negotiate ...

Little Toot by Hardie Gramatky and Disney

Little Toot (Johnny Depp), a small tugboat, wanted to be just like his father Big Toot (Greg Kinnear), but couldn't seem to stay out of trouble. He went to Salem, Massachusetts who met Annabelle (Drew Barrymore) about the story of her father died in 1941. Charlie Truman and his mother (Cameron Diaz), in the diner to work late at night. Charlie discovers the two tugboats and Big Toot. With the help of a beatnik artist named Dean Hopper (Harry Connick, Jr.), they have to stop the U.S. military and a federal agent named Kent Mansley (Christopher McDonald) from finding and ...

Pound Puppies 2: The Revenge of Marvin McNasty by Wang Film Productions, Cuckoo's Nest Studio, Universal Pictures and Steven Spielberg

The sequel of Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw, in this story of a young pup named Tim, son of Cooler and Nose Marie, in 1959, to say "I love you" from brainwashed of MacNasty's mean and vicious guard dogs to Beamer, Reflex, Nose Marie, Collette, Whopper, Bright Eyes, and Howler back to normal until Tim explained on his father and everyone about Big Paw was a big and ugly monster. Tim will help for a cleaning machine in New York City. Tim's arch-nemesis, Biff Tannen and his gang from Hill Valley to New York City.


After successfully undergoing an experiment in order escape his mysterious and traumatic past by erasing his memory, and being supplied with a new identity and a new location. Emotionally stunted young drifter known as "Clay Adamson" attempts to start a new life in a small town in Connecticut, while trying not to act like an antisocial weirdo, everything seems to be going fine and Clay slowly gains close accompaniment. But everything starts to take turn for worse as the people from Clay's past begin to appear either as hallucinations or through other people with similar traits and he also starts ...

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