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SANGUIS by Tristan Hartup

A small team of scientists, engineers and pilots are on a three-year mission aboard an orbiting deep space research station called the "Sangius", and just as their mission is coming to an end and they're preparing to return to Earth, members of the group are sudden being murdered one at a time, and to make matters worse, the station begins to malfunction and is slowly falling apart. Now, everyone is a suspect, no one can be trusted and the race is on to find the killer and survive. MPAA Rating: Rated R for some bloody violent content and language throughout. ...

Fear (2006) by James Foley

If Fear was made 10 years later

Fear (2016) by James Foley

If Fear was made 20 years later

The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba

The Umbrella Academy initially takes place in an alternate history where John F. Kennedy was never assassinated, and is primarily set in 1977 (the year of writer Way's birth), which is treated as the present. The titular team are described as a "dysfunctional family of superheroes" (akin to Marvel Comics Fantastic Four). In the mid-20th century, at the instant of the finishing blow in a cosmic boxing match, 43 superpowered infants are inexplicably born to random, unconnected women who showed no signs of pregnancy (it is hinted by a character implied to be God that they are collectively a modern-day ...

Opposites of Friendship by Skeeter Hurd

Four young girls decide to see a dead body. It's like Stand By Me but a female twist. CHARACTER LIST: Kenna James - She is an bright young woman who has aspirations of becoming a doctor. Kayla Hobart - She is a brainy girl who is good at science. Mindy Sanders - She is a brave young woman who tries to be heroic. Natalie Wong - She is an Chinese American young woman with Aspergers syndrome. Jenny Ramirez: She is the bully of Natalie. MPAA Rating: PG-13 for language, sexual references, bullying and some drug material

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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (The Animated Movie) (1999)

What if Majora's Mask was an Animated Film in the 90's?

A Nostalgia Critic Christmas Carol

Since Nostalgia Critic won't do A Christmas Carol parody, how about we just make one ...


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