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Kyle 3: America's Most Wanted by Kyle Cooke/Netflix

Kyle Cooke now on the run from the law, winds up hiding in some bushes at a mansion. The owner of the mansion is former Price is Right host Bob Barker, The elderly Bob takes in the fugative and the two fall for each other and begin having a sexual relationship. However just as things are looking up for the deranged boy, He finds out that his nemesis Tom Hanks has won another Oscar. Kyle kisses Bob goodbye and sets out to find Tom Hanks, But unbeknownst to Kyle he has been set up. Just as he begins to close ...

Kyle Incarcerated by Kyle Cooke/Netflix

Kyle Cooke now in prison spends most of his time plotting his revenge on Tom Hanks and Hollywood as a whole. One day he meets fellow inmates Harvey Weinstein and Phil Spector who also want revenge on the entertainment industry. With the help of Suge Knight the trio escapes. While hiding in the dessert they are visited by the spirit of Charles Manson who tells them to blow up the Hollywood sign. Kyle uses a Wilson Vollyball to lure Tom Hanks to the Hollywood sign where Phil Spector and Harvey Weinstein have set up explosives. Just as the sign is ...

Sherlock Holmes(Black Folks) by Arthur Conan Doyle

what if they made a Black version of Sherlock Holmes

Mothman (2021) by TravisAccubak1000 (story by); Frank Darabont (written by); David Cronenberg (directed by).

(The third of the ten installments in the "CryptoVerse" series) Lloyd, a disgraced, world traveling scientist who once worked for the government that has gone rogue against his mainstream colleagues and believes in the existence of cryptid creatures travels to Point Pleasant in West Virginia to investigate the recent sightings of a legendary creature that has seemed to have resurfaced since its alleged connection to the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967, all the while a mysterious visitor who, simply known as "The Visitor", is the government's leading man in black and he, along with his group, is attempting ...

Angels and Demons (2017) by Dan Brown

Angels and demons made 10 years later

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Many years have passed since Kratos took his vengeance against the Olympian gods, destroying the ...

I Feel Pretty(80s)

what if the new Amy Schumer film was release in the 80s.

Cat People

what if the Horror film was release today.

The Fantastic Team

Maleficent has returned with all her powers of hell along with her subjects of darkness, ...


**Tentative title, no relation to the Jim Henson film** Wendy Lloyd is a troubled young ...


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