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Bond 28 (2025) by Ian Fleming (Characters)

When an respected government official is eliminated. 007 takes part in a shooting competition, which he sets out to find, interrogate and discover the identity of the mysterious assassin responsible, whom is also taking part (But nobody knows what he or she looks like). Which will lead 007 and the British Secret Service to the assassin's client whom hired he or she to eliminate the government official...

Schemers by Daniel Williamson (Based on an Idea)

SCHEMERS is a British crime television series. SCHEMERS centers around 4 beautiful, intelligent and clever women who are members of "Schemers" (Schematization and Eradication) a small team of con artists and thieves. The team is led by Ex government spy Alex Beech. The 3 other members of "Schemers" are Terry Page, helicopter pilot. Nina Chance, computer hacker and Helen Holden, Ex convict. As the series follows the "Schemers" team, as they seduce unsuspected victims and hack into their bank accounts and stealing their money, for their own agendas. Which each scam they commit is well-planned and they destroy all traces ...

Elephants Can Remember by Agatha Christie

Even though she is put out by the request made by the mother of the young man who is set to marry one of her god-daughters - Miss Celiua Ravenscroft - to look into the circumstances of the deaths of Celia's adoptive parents, Miss Ariadne Oliver consults with her friend Hercule Poirot about the situation she has been placed in. He agrees and visits the friends of the Ravenscrofts, who are now elderly, to see whether the saying "Elephants can remember" is really true.

Assignment: 66.6 by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

ASSIGNEMNT: 66.6 is a Science Fiction TV Movie. Sometime in the future... Silas Noon, a tough undercover agent working for "Nemtek Electronics", an elite corporation, is sent to downtown Los Angeles for his latest assignment. Noon's boss, corporate executive Charles Sherlock sends Noon undercover as the new resident of a small tenement, home to it's landlady Angie Grawoski and her neighbours computer expert Daran Gaughan, his drug addict girlfriend Roxy Minty and Butler, a mute muscleman who watches other residents through his apartment window, with his telescope. Noon's assignment: He has 72 hours to find and infiltrate a cyborg assassin ...

Any Number Can Die by Fred Carmichael

A hilarious take off on the mystery plays of the Twenties complete with sliding panels, robed figures, wills being read at midnight, etc. The idioms, costumes, hairdos, and make up of the period add to the thrills and laughter. Four ingenious murders take place in an island mansion as a pair of elderly detectives set to work on their first case. The ever popular storm, the unexpected guests, the cryptic poem, and the missing fortune all add to the intricate and inventive mystery off which the laughs bounce.

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