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Star Wars (SNL Cast) by Lorne Michaels

Cast SNL Members as Star Wars Characters!

Red Thanksgiving by Kyle Cooke

PLOT: In Pennsylvania, college freshman, Stanley Brewer returns home for Thanksgiving with his widowed father and his younger sister. A few pals of Stanley's and a few more family members join them on Thanksgiving. However that day, a ruthless serial killer is on the loose and has Stanley's family on his target list. COMPARISON PITCH: Black Christmas meets Friday the 13th meets A Nightmare on Elm Street meets Child's Play meets Fright Night meets Don't Breathe meets I Know What You Did Last Summer MPAA RATING: R for horror violence, some sexual content, some nudity and language

Hollow Man (2010) by Columbia Pictures

If Hollow Man was made 10 years later

Construct by John Silver; DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures

Tim Kevins, a young grocery clerk by day and hardcore gamer by night, discovers a mysterious alien-like object in the form of a digital keyboard after getting kicked out of his job. Tim realizes the keyboard enables him to change the weather, control time, create buildings and weapons, and a lot more with a few clicks on the keys. From getting back at the school bullies to regaining his job in the workplace, Tim discovers through his reckless actions the potential to cause mayhem in the real world. That is, until a mysterious yet extraterrestrial warmonger from another dimension appears, ...

Batman (SNL Cast) by Lorne Michaels

Cast SNL Members as Batman Characters!

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