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Cruel Awakenings (90s) by Skeeter Hurd

Cruel Awakenings was made in the 90s

Cruel Awakenings by Skeeter Hurd

A man discover cell phone recordings from his dead wife. MPAA: Rated PG-13 for terror, disturbing images, sexuality, violence and some language

SONIC SYSTEM by John Silver; Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures

Young, loner farmer Nick resides in rural Kansas, where the mysterious disappearances of his family and the crops lead him into a shack that has been untouched in the past 50 years. Entering the small room, Nick discovers a projector displaying images of space and Earth in alignment with other planets. When the images start rolling faster, the shack begins to shake and an earthquake ensues, knocking Nick out. Waking up, Nick discovers he's underground but another world appears before his eyes - the future. Several planets now rule the Solar System after Earth was vaporized, leaving any sign of ...

Smooth Talk by Joyce Chopra

a Remake of the 1985 film with Treat Williams & Laura Dern

Blade Runner 2049 (Younger Cast) by Denis Villeneuve

What if Blade Runner 2049 had a younger cast?

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(The sixth of the ten installments in the "CryptoVerse" series) An Arctic expedition during winter ...

Lizard Man (2023)

(The seventh of the ten installments in the "CryptoVerse" series) Initially inhabiting the swampland areas ...

Mongolian Death Worms (2023)

(The eighth of the ten installments in the "CryptoVerse" series) An adventurer and his camera ...

Run All Night (1995)

If Run All Night made 20 years earlier

The Avengers (Black Cast)

What if The Avengers was made with a black cast


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