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The Merry Widow by Franz Lehár

The Merry Widow is set at the embassy in a mythical kingdom. The economically challenged country looks to Count Danilo to woo and wed his old flame, the rich widow Anna. They were in love before her marriage, but his uncle interrupted their romance because at that time, Anna had absolutely nothing to her name. Although they still love each other, Danilo is reluctant to court Anna just because of her fortune and Hanna vows she will not marry him until he says "I love you."

The X-Files: I Am Iron Man by Stan Lee and Chris Carter

Mulder and Scully find the burned out remains of the Iron Man suit and begin a race against time to get Tony Stark his next drink before he sobers up. They are also joined by other friends for the climactic closing dance number.

Flight of the Doves by Walter Macken

After the death of their mother, two children in Liverpool (London in the original novel) run away from home to escape their cruel uncle who treats them harshly. They flee to Ireland in hopes of finding love and safety with their kindly grandmother. However, another uncle of theirs is a failed actor who is a master of disguise. He uses his skill to pursue them in hopes of finding them for his own financial gain. The children must rely on their wits and the kindness of strangers to stay ahead of him or their lives will be in mortal jeopardy.

James and the Giant Peach (Opera) by Roald Dahl(novel)

James' happy life at the English seaside is rudely ended when his parents are killed by a rhinoceros and he goes to live with his two horrid aunts. Daringly saving the life of a spider he comes into possession of magic boiled crocodile tongues, after which an enormous peach starts to grow in the garden. Venturing inside he meets not only the spider but a number of new friends including a ladybug and a centipede who help him with his plan to try and get to New York.

Dreamboats & Petticoats by Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran

In 1961, an aspiring singer-musician named Bobby, travels from Manchester to join the band at a youth club in Soho, London. When he gets there, he is pipped-to-the-post, and a native Londoner, Norman, gets the job. Bobby then has to prove himself: not just as the singer in a group, but as a potential boyfriend for the girl of his dreams - Donna, unware of the true love of his life is actually closer than he thinks...

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Bulletproof Clash (1960s)

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PLOT: After two years in prison and his parents are gunned down in a grocery ...

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