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Justice League by N/A

Quite simple and obvious, isn't it? Cast the justice league in a movie. Good luck with that. Live action only.

Black Batman Begins by Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier

Inspired by Smodcast Episode 198 "Black Batman Begins," ( ) The Batman mythos reboots with a black Bruce Wayne returning to Gotham and becoming the hero Gotham needs... Batman. Not as a replacement. The real deal. As Mosier points out, they need not all be black. You can have a latino Catwoman, Asian Alfred, what have you. Go wild!

GoGoRiki Returns 3D (2013) by 4Kids

Last Year Pogo And His Friends To Save Bobo From The City To Come Back To The Island Next Year New Friends And New Mission And More Funniest Adventure! Pogo And His Friends To Save Wolli riki Get Out Of His Cage Pogoriki Must Face Wolfgang One Survivor A.J Must Pick Wolli Out Of The Cage To Face-To-Face GoGoRiki Vs. Predators Based On Cartoon Series

X-Men: First Class - Senior Year by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby - New characters, alternative surnames & plot variations by J.D. Taylor

It is 1967. The supposed 'mutant' threat has been largely forgotten, as America's youth find their ideals severely at odds with their elders and betters over the Vietnam War. In the shadow of these internal conflicts, Professor Xavier's secret academy flourishes with the help of a new vice-principal, Dr Jean Grey. The institute now has over thirty students, and the training to control their powers is going well. However, The X-Men are called into action when Anette Marie, the daughter of two British-born academics(and friends of Charles) who have joined a hippie commune, turns up alongside a mutant who calls ...

Carrie meets the X-Men by Ally

We all thought Carrie White died in the fire. But really, Nightcrawler of the X-Men saved her. He took her back to the school and she became part of the X-Men. And she and Nightcrawler become friends, and later boyfriend and girlfriend. But what happens when Margret White sends out a search party. Will Kurt be able to protect the one he loves from her crazy mother or has he bit more than he can chew?

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