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Titles Tagged “Superhero”

The Amazing Spiderman Movie Series by Stan Lee

A college Student Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider which gives him abilities beyond his wildest dreams he uses his powers to vanquish evil after witnessing his uncles murder.

Batman Reboot by Bob Kane

After Bruce wayne's parents tragic death he makes a vow to protect Gotham city from all of it's evil.

The Spectre by Brandon Camp (Screenwriter); Creators: Bernard Bailey and Jerry Siegel

The Spectre was a young policeman, Jim Corrigan, who came back from the dead after being murdered by crooks, and who was given vast and fantastic supernatural powers. He functioned as a super-hero, complete with masked costume.

Dr. Strange live action movie by Stan lee and Steve ditko

A Surgeon Dr. Stephen Strange Gets into a car Accident that changes his life eventually turning him into a sorcerer supreme

Daredevil Reboot by Stan lee and Bill Everett

A blind Man from hells kitchen New York fights to keep the streets of his neighborhood safe and out of harms reach

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