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Supergirl vs Miss Marvel by DC Comics and Marvel Comics

In the DC/Marvel Universe we see 2 Superheroines Kara of Argo City (as herself) SUPERGIRL takes flight meeting with the US Air Force Officer Carol Danvers (as herself) MISS MARVEL. In their secret alises as Linda Lang & Carol Danvers like Sisters fighting their way in the Pentagon at Washington DC. This makes Supergirl (as herself)adopting her new secret identity Lt. Linda Lang stationed at the Pentagon in Washington DC. Both Carol & Linda are both like sisters in the DC vs Marvel

Wonder Girl by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani (Published by DC Comics)

Wonder Girl is a non-Amazon orphan, rescued by Wonder Woman from an apartment building fire. Unable to find any parents or family, Wonder Woman brings the child to Paradise Island, where she is eventually given Amazon powers by the Purple Ray. The story ends with Wonder Girl wearing a new costume and hairstyle, adopting the secret identity Donna Troy.

Wonder Woman by David E Kelley

Princess Diana was being mold, clayed being reincarnated by her mother Queen Hippolyte being worshipped by the Gods and bestowed her and the Amazon Women to a civilization on an Tropical Island which is isolated Paradise, which she becomes the Amazing Amazon in the Tournament games and moves to the United States of America and becomes the Ambassador of Truth in Man's world during the crisis September 11, 2001 (Instead of War World 2)

The Ultimate Superheroes by Walt Disney Pictures

In New York City, New York a group of Superheroes team up in a battle with the new group of villains and vixens in a conflict resolution

Megamind 2: Metro Man Returns by Alan J. Schoolcraft & Brent Simons

In this Saga Sequel to Megamind, Metro Man comes to start his Adventure back in Metro City again, so he can stop Megamind for taking over. We know he tried to be a Good Guy, but He is teaming with his new bride from his home planet who is called Mega-Misfit, and Metro Man meets his teenage cousin Metro Girl, with his help, who can defeat this villainess so these 2 cant protect the city from evil.

WordGirl by Dorothea Gillim

WordGirl is a superhero alien from the planet Lexicon. After sneaking into a spaceship and sleeping there, she and her monkey pilot Captain Huggy Face find themselves crash landing to Earth. With their crashed ship as their hideout, they soon become adopted by Tim and Sally Botsford and are named Becky and Bob. They soon become crime fighters against villains such as Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy, Toby, The Whammer and Lady Redundant Woman.

Isis by Russell Bates (Published by DC Comics)

School teacher Andrea Thomas was on a dig in Egypt when she uncovered a sealed box containing a powerful mystic artifact known as the Amulet of Hatshepsut. Instinctively, she placed it around her neck and was granted the power of the Egyptian goddess of fertility Isis. As Isis, Andrea became a super-hero and used her newfound elemental powers to serve mankind.

Spider-Woman by Archie Goodwin, Sal Buscema, and Jim Mooney (Published by Marvel Comics)

Jessica Drew is the daughter of Jonathan Drew, research partner to Dr. Herbert Edgar Wyndham. When young Jessica suffered uranium poisoning, Dr. Drew was forced to inject her with his untested spider serum and seal her in a genetic accelerator. In stasis for decades, her aging greatly slowed, she awoke with no memories of her own past. Briefly cared for by the Evolutionary's cow-woman assistant Bova, Jessica sought human company in a nearby village where she accidentally killed her first lover with her new bioelectric powers. Fleeing a vengeful mob, she was rescued by Count Otto Vermis, who molded her …

Daredevil (1980's) by Stan Lee and Bill Everett

What if Daredevil was release back in the 80's ?

X-Men (1980's) by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

What if X-Men was released back in the 80's ?

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