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Titles Tagged “sci-fi”

Goku vs Superman by Akira Toriyama and DC Comics

The World's Most Powerful Superhero fights against The World's Most Powerful Super Saiyan!

Twelve Monkeys (2015) by Terry Gilliam

If Twelve Monkeys was made 20 years later

The Invaders (British cast) (All Grown Up) by Skeeter Hurd

If The Invaders cast are British who grow up and became adults.

SANGUIS by Tristan Hartup

A small team of scientists, engineers and pilots are on a three-year mission aboard an orbiting deep space research station called the "Sangius", and just as their mission is coming to an end and they're preparing to return to Earth, members of the group are sudden being murdered one at a time, and to make matters worse, the station begins to malfunction and is slowly falling apart. Now, everyone is a suspect, no one can be trusted and the race is on to find the killer and survive. MPAA Rating: Rated R for some bloody violent content and language throughout. ...

Through The Wastelands by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

A young man and a young woman discover themselves in a post apocalyptic city. CHARACTER LIST: Charlie Roth - He is a young man who wants to enjoy life and experience the world. Zoey White - She is Charlie's love interest and partner in crime. MPAA Rating: PG-13 for violence and sequences of sci-fi action, sexual material, nudity, language, drug content and some thematic elements

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Half man, half machine - all hero! After a near fatal incident, Victor Stone was ...

Infinity War (Anime Version) Part 2

All of Anime's Greatest Heroes team up together for the first time ever!

The Invaders Part 2

If the Invaders return with a sequel as they have grown up and become adults. ...

Suicide Squad (Younger Cast)

Suicide Squad was made with a younger cast

Alien vs Predator (1994)

What if Alien vs Predator was made in the 90's?


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