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Christopher Nolan's Source Code by Duncan Jones

What if Christopher Nolan directed Source Code?

Crash Bandicoot: The Movie by Naughty Dog, Universal

From the Director that Brought You: Ratchet & Clank the Movie, TMNT & Sly Cooper the movie. Crash Bandicoot is on a quest to rescue his girlfriend from the evil Dr. Neo Cortex. Based on Naughty Dog Video Game

HEROES IN RUINS by DC, Marvel, and Fox

The world has gotten really sick of the typical goody-two shoes "for the good of humanity" superheroes and is all of sudden met with an unexpected twist and turn when the heroes decide to become the main culprits and wreak havoc upon Earth. It isn't until their nemeses and other super villains see this as an opportunity to take control of the world, only to be held back by the power of most heroes (Superman, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine). Now, this is an opportunity for the villains to save the world along with some of the very few heroes ...

Star Trek (1999) by J.j Abrams

Star Wars made 10 years earlier.

Darth Vader: A Star Wars Story by Lucasfilm Ltd and Vin13ish

What if Darth Vader got his own spin-off film? NO HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN! Anakin will be played by different and MUCH BETTER actor. And plus Darth Vader will be in his early 30s Inspiration: The Wolverine (Plot Element) It been 10 years since event of Revenge of The Sith, Darth Vader is still haunted by the death of Padme and being tormented by hallucination of Padme! Darth and his stormtrooper went to a village and begin of killing them! But Darth Vader is struck by a Mysterious shadow figure. This figure took him to the kingdom where it reveal that he ...

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