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True Romance(2013) by Tony Scott,Quentin Tarantino

if it was made 20 years later

Breakfast At Tiffany (2001) by Truman Capote & Blake Edwards

The iconic film made 40 years later

Wes and Gayle by 20th Century Fox

Set in 1966 Brooklyn, A 15-year-old African American girl named Gayle ends up falling for a white boy named Wes who recently moves into the city. In the midst of the Civil Rights Movement and segregation, they decide to run away together, and their parents and police search for them.

James/Rose by Universal Pictures

After the death of her husband, A woman who begins a May-December Relationship with a young business mogul who recently inherited the company from his late parents Main Characters Rose Martin- 43 years old recently widow who somehow got involved with a young businessman who is 20 years younger than her. James Ford- 22 years old businessman who just inherited the company from his deceased parents. He have a thing for older women and view younger woman as immature Sean Martin- Rose's late husband who only appears in a flashback Paul Ford- James' late father and a womanizer Stephanie Ford- ...

Christopher Nolan's Bridesmaids by Paul Feig

What if Christopher Nolan directed Bridesmaids?

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