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80 Years by Unknown

A 100 year old man and a 100 years old woman that are both widow reunite in the funeral of a friend in common when they were lover since they were 20 years old but they broke up a lot of times and even they were close to marriage , when they were married to other people they have an affair Characters: Vivien Davis Patrick Johnson Evangeline Davis - Vivien Daughter Mark Johnson - Patrick Son Shailene Johnson - Patrick Daughter Eve Jones - Vivien and Patrick Friend Judy Johnson - Patrick Grandaughter Michael Davis - Vivien Grandson Dra Miranda

THE AUTISM ROAD by 20th Century Fox

A Young Businesswoman missed her scheduled plane flight to California. She meet a man with autism disorder who wanted to accompany her since he doesn't have a driver's license and he wants to go Hollywood but will those 2 stranger can get along with each other? At the same time, They are being hunted down by a crazed private detective who think Max is a criminal Main Characters Roxanne Starling- A Young Businesswoman who is described as the most unhappy person on the earth. She have an important meeting and she is delay by an Autism! But her problem is ...

Midnight in Paris (2021) by Woody Allen

Midnight in Paris made 10 years later.

Café Society (2026) by Woody Allen

Café Society made 10 years later.

Café Society (2006) by Woody Allen

Café Society made 10 years earlier.

Popular Titles

Ice Age

Twenty-thousand years ago, Earth is a wondrous, prehistoric world filled with great danger, not the ...

The Longest Yard(2015)

10 years later

The Batman: Gotham Knight

Part ten and the final entry in Volume II of my DC cinematic universe "rebirth" ...

Bride Wars (2019)

Bride Wars made 10 years later.

The Soloist (2019)

The Soloist made 10 years later.


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