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Titles Tagged “mystery”

Batman (SNL Cast) by Lorne Michaels

Cast SNL Members as Batman Characters!

Murder on the Orient Express (2007) by Kenneth Branagh and Agatha Cristie

Murder on the Orient Express made 10 years earlier.

The Watcher (2010) by Universal Pictures

If The Watcher was made 10 years later

A Nightmare on Elm Street (British cast) by Samuel Bayer, Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Bradley Fuller

If The cast of Nightmare on Elm Street remake were British

Valentine (2011) by Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema

If Valentine was made 10 years later

Popular Titles

The Gibson Family Christmas: The Final Chapter

PLOT: In the fifth and final of the Gibson Family Christmas pentalogy, after Jake has ...


A biopic of Academy Award-winning actress Greer Garson. Covers the years 1937 through 1949. Follows ...

Turbo (2023)

Turbo Made 10 Years Later

Batman Ninja (English Dub)

Who are your picks for the English Dub version of Batman Ninja?

Fools Gold (1998)

What if Fools Gold was made 20 years earlier?


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