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Music and Coffee by Showtime

The series centers around Lucas and Stevie Hopson, a musician couple that try to pursue their music career and raising their adoptive-7-year-old daughter Hazel. Rated TV-MA-L-S(adult language, adult content, sexuality) Characters: Lucas Hopson, a determined aspiring musician and Stevie's husband and Hazel's father who has anxiety Stevie Hopson, a loyal, but witty and feisty aspiring musician who is Lucas' wife and Hazel's mother Hazel Hopson, an African-American 7-year-old girl who is Lucas and Stevie's adoptive daughter

Twelve Monkeys (2015) by Terry Gilliam

If Twelve Monkeys was made 20 years later

Halloween Daze by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

A young woman's plans to go to a Halloween party turns awry as her nephew with autism goes missing. CHARACTER LIST: Jenna Kirk - She is a quirky young woman who likes going out with her friends. Megan Kirk - She is Jenna's younger sister. Fred - He is Jenna's son and Megan's nephew, who has autism. Milly - She is Jenna's best friend. Layla - She is Jenna's best friend. Maddy - She is Jenna's best friend. Sam - He is Jenna's best friend. MPAA Rating: R for strong sexuality, nudity, drug use, pervasive language and teen partying

The Rescuers(Live-Action) by Walt Disney Pictures

Since Disney had made live-action Cinderella,The Jungle Book, and Beaity and the Beast, imagine if they made a live-action The Rescuers

Higher by Skeeter Hurd

A drug dealing promiscuous young woman turns her life around as tries to care for her severely autistic son. CHARACTER LIST: Liz Halsey - A young woman who is a mom turned prostitute and adrug dealer. Nick Hershey - He is Liz's deadbeat boyfriend. Ivy Halsey - She is Liz and Nick's daughter. Freddie Halsey - He is Liz and Nick's son who has severe autism. Lisa Halsey - She is Liz's mother. George Halsey - He is Liz's father. MPAA Rating: R for violence, disturbing content, sexuality, graphic nudity, drug use and language

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The 40 Year Old Virgin (British Cast)

If the cast of 40 Year Old Virgin were British

LEGO Back to the 80's

What if we have all the 80's characters together in LEGO?

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures: The Movie

The Angry Video Game Nerd and his friends get sucked into a game and have ...

Knocked Up (British Cast)

If the cast of Knocked Up were British

The Marital Suicides

A romantic comedy-drama about Alex and Amelia Greene, a married couple with a five-year age ...


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