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BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS by John Silver, A24, Broad Green Pictures and New Line Cinema

Bored with a 9 to 5 job, average Joe and uncaring Brett Summers is about to give up on his life. That is until, he gets a call from his brother-in-law from New York City who wants to offer him a better high-paying job and a chance to start over. Brett is skeptical at first, but begins to plan his travel in order to get away from his mundane lifestyle. Everything goes according to plan - he finally makes enough money to sell his house and some of his personal belongings to get an RV that's highly suitable for him ...

William Shakespeare's King Lear by William Shakespeare

An aging King invites disaster when he abdicates to his corrupt, toadying daughters and rejects his one loving, but honest one.

THE REPLACEMENT (2019) by Kevin Knox

Debt-ridden man Edgar Hernandez is offered a chance to save his life from financial ruin by being “Replacer”, a person that will undergo surgeries to alter their appearance into someone. Hernandez is going to “replace” Nathan Roddick, a man who was apparently murdered. Characters : Edgar Hernandez – 33-year-old man, debt-ridden Norman Collier – 53-year-old scientist and the head of Replacement Service Company Mr. Moore – 40-year-old “scout” for Replacement Service Company and Collier’s right-hand man Nathan Roddick – 30-year-old heir to the late James Roddick of Roddick Enterprises Melissa Roddick – 56-year-old mother of Nathan who is ambitious and ...

WESTWORLD (2018) by Michael Crichton (original story) and Kevin Knox

This is a reboot version for 1973’s Westworld by Michael Crichton and made for TV Characters : Hugh Danvers – first time visitor of Westworld and recently divorced attorney Vince Wallace – loyal visitor of Westworld and gambler Dr. Ben Watkins – Westworld’s director who oversees the operations of the theme park Teresa Elmore – Westworld’s newly-recruited programmer Greta Jefferson – An android who discovers that her near-perfect life is a lie. She is designated as the most interesting attraction. James Wright – A gunslinger and newly-created android Mr. Duncan – An android who owns a fight club ...

TIME CO. (2017) by Kevin Knox

Middle-aged couple Jonathan and Carol Straw are going to divorce after twenty-four years of marriage. Jonathan suspects that Carol is having extramarital affairs with her younger coworker, Ted Garland. His reluctant divorce attorney and best friend, Don Ogden, advises him to undergo a procedure of “time travelling” in order to consider his decision to divorce her and thus saving their marriage. Characters : Jonathan Straw – 48-year-old man working as hedge fund manager in a firm who suffers memory loss due to a car crash two years earlier Carol Straw – 48-year-old woman working as physician Don Ogden – 48-year-old ...

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