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Titles Tagged “crime”

Gone in 60 Seconds (2010) by Touchstone Pictures/DreamWorks Pictures

If Gone in 60 Seconds was made 10 years later

S.W.A.T. (2013) by Columbia Pictures/Original Film

If S.W.A.T. was made 10 years later

Bad Friend by Skeeter Hurd

A young woman becomes a drug dealing cop after her friends disown her and those who bully her. It's like Mean Girls meets 21 Jump Street. CHARACTER LIST: Mandy Miller - She is a young woman who aspirations of becoming a police officer. Todd Miller - He is Mandy's father. Leah Miller - She is Mandy's mother. Ben Hutchins - He is Mandy's partner in crime. Kylie Allen - She is Mandy's best friend. Lisa Jenkins - She is the bully of the school and archnemesis of Mandy. Priyanka Chowdhury - She is Lisa's Indian-American best friend and archnemesis of ...

Denis Villeneuve's Pineapple Express by David Gordon Green

What if Denis Villeneuve directed Pineapple Express?

WARRIOR X: HELL AND BACK by Tristan Hartup

(Just to be clear, I'm only bringing back Warrior X just this once so I can give him a satisfying conclusion.) Years after battling the Soul Taker which resulted in his death, violent supervigilante and former Power Crew member Sam Rodgers a.k.a Warrior X finds himself somehow back from the dead to find that everything around him has changed, anyone he was close to has either died or has moved on, the Power Crew has almost entirely new members and is under the supervision of the government organisation Core Prime. During all of this, Sam begins to ponder how and ...

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Dark Shadows (Revival)

Netflix revival series based on the famous 1960s gothic horror soap opera.

Bride of Frankenstein

A continuation of the Dark Universe franchise after the release of The Mummy.

The Filthy Frank Movie: War in the Ricefields

420 Chromosomes ago, a 54 year old pervert who somehow became a YouTube legend named ...

The LEGO Star Wars Movie

The World needs a LEGO Star Wars Movie!

Muppet Babies (Reboot)

A New Reboot of Muppet Babies is coming soon to Disney Junior in 20189, but ...


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