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WARRIOR X by Tristan Hartup

Abandoned by his parents at a young age, Sam Rodgers was left alone on the streets that are riddled with crime, and then is abducted and taken into a secret facility owned by a sadistic and powerful crime lord who has taken the streets of New York and is abducting people and performing experiments on them to become powerful slaves. Sam makes his escape realising that he has been given enhanced strength, endurance and reflexes, and finds himself in Japan, he goes to a temple where he to be a master combatant physically and mentally so he can survive on ...

True Detective(Gender Swap) by Nic Pizzolatto

True Detective Season 1 gender swap.

People vs OJ Simpson(Movie Version) by FX

2 Guns (2023) by Baltasar Kormákur

2 Guns made 10 years later.

ASH by Tristan Hartup

Ash is a professional assassin for hire who fleds the US and goes into hiding in London after a series of ill-adviced hits lands her in trouble with a deadly crime syndicate. And all seems fine until Ash finds herself being followed by Meredith, a introverted young woman and an aspiring journalist who has picked up the habit of following random people, Although initially resistant to Meredith, Ash eventually takes her under her wing telling her about her past as well as teaching Meredith to overcome her insecurities and developing a relationship boarding on supportive big sister/semi-romance. Until everything comes ...

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