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Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour by Bryan O'Malley and James Gunn

it starts off not-so fine as Scott is having a nightmare, in which he is wandering through his Dream Desert and he sees an image of Ramona. He dashes to it, but it suddenly turns into an image of Gideon who tells him he's waiting, before a flash blinds him. We then go to the real world where it has been four months since Ramona disappeared. Scott wastes away his time playing video games on his couch despite efforts from Wallace and Stephen to get him to go out, during the latter's visit Stephen reveals he started a new band. ...

Earth Girls Are Easy by Julien Temple

A Remake of the classi 1989 Sci-Fi/Comedy

See No Evil, Hear No Evil by Arthur Hiller

A Remake of the classic 1989 film with Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor

THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH by Tristan Hartup and Vincent Garcia

In the year 2218, a 200 year old healthy yet very unhappy named Lucius Russell lives a lonely live, he has no children and has extreme difficulties socializing with other people due to him having Autism and he doesn't want to travel or go out a lot. Until a new opportunity comes to him in the form of a brilliant scientist named Alexander Booker, who is the grandson of an old but close friend of Lucius', Alexander, along with his beautiful daughter Evangeline, offer to de-age into a young man by putting him into a machine that basically acts as ...

FIGHT THE SCHOOL SYSTEM by Vincent Garcia and Dawson Joyce

A group of different teachers (English teacher John McAffrey, drama teacher Elizabeth Haskell, chemistry teacher Boyd Hanway, trigonometry teacher Lee Stelman, home economics teacher Rose Wegner, and gym teacher Curtis Wallach) are told by the school principal Martin Lynch that they might be in danger of losing their jobs thanks to the school board making more and more budget cuts. With the help of Steven Mayhew, a former teacher from the school, and Carly, Elizabeth's daughter and one of her students, they end up going to the most outrageous and extreme lengths to fight for pay raises and to make ...

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