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Bad Dads by STX Entertainment

Gender-swapped Bad Moms

PARTNERS IN CRIME by Vincent Garcia and Tristan Hartup

In 1991 near the end of Cold War, 2 lovers (American Burglar & Russian thief) are targeting on Russian Billionaire in order to steal 10 Billion dollar from him but everyone are hunting them down for various reasons. Inspiration: 22 Jump Street, True Romance and The Blues Brothers Unlike most of generic action thrillers, this one will be more raunchy and OUTRAGEOUS comedy and it will feature a lot of over-the-top car chases to pay homage of The Blues Brothers. The chemistry between Christopher Murphy and Sasha Kozlov are based on Clarence Worley & Alabama Whitman and Jake Blues & ...

The Gibson Family Christmas 2: Meet the Families by Kyle Cooke/Netflix

PLOT: In the sequel to The Gibson Family Christmas, Dolores has died from ovarian cancer and Arthur remarried to Tara Abbott and they are now parents of two-year-old twins, Sarah and Joseph(eleventh and twelfth to Arthur). Ben and Melanie have gotten engaged. Candice and Darren have married and are expecting their first child. Sean was arrested, after his divorce from Nora, who has had her son, is now married to Jason Morris and also expecting her second child(her first with Jason, who adopted Nora's son to be his son). Sam is dating one of high school classmates. Wayne, Leslie and ...

Jack Frost (2018) by Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema

If Jack Frost was made 20 years later

Bad Santa (2013) by Dimension Films/Miramax Films

If Bad Santa was made 10 years later

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A young criminal is kidnapped by a secret agency who offers him to erase his ...

The Gibson Family Christmas 3: Family is Forever

PLOT: In the third and final chapter in the Gibson Family Christmas trilogy, the Gibson ...

Casting Villains in the Invaders movie

Casting Villains in the Invaders

Patty Jenkins' Little Moscow

What if Party Jenkins directed Little Moscow?

Man of Steel (2003)

What if Man of Steel was made 10 years prior?


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