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Titles Tagged “comedy”

Shoot 'Em Up (2017) by Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema

If Shoot 'Em Up was made 10 years later

Art School Confidential (2016) by Terry Zwigoff

If Art School Confidential was made 10 years later

Terri (2001) by Azazel Jacobs

If Terri was made 10 years earlier

80s Style (British cast) by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

If 80s Style cast are British (British actors and actresses only.)

Super Mario RPG: The Movie by Nintendo & Square Enix

Based on one of the most popular Mario titles, Things seem normal around the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser and such. but then suddenly a giant sword appears from the sky and crashes into Bowser's Castle, separating the three far away in the Mushroom Map and breaks 7 magic pieces from Star Road leaving the Mushroom Kingdom doomed without dreams and wishes. To retrieve the star pieces, Mario must lead a party of colorful characters and battle the evil Smithy Gang!

Popular Titles

10 to Midnight

a Remake of the 1983 Action film with Charles Bronson

Infinity War (Anime Version)

All of Anime's Greatest Heroes team up together for the first time ever!

The New Guy (2022)

If The New Guy was remade 20 years later

The New Guy (90s)

If The New Guy was made in the 90s

Die Bad

Star crossed lovers find themselves on the run as they're caught by drug dealers. It's ...


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