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The Clip by Max Landis

A dyslexic young woman struggles to learn differently than the peers around her. MPAA Rating: R for strong sexual content, language and some drug use - all involving teens

JOLTS by Tristan Hartup and Vincent Garcia

Two rival African-American cops, the cool calm and collected Jack Lancer and the unhinged sociopath Jeff Marson, both are suddenly killed by a mysterious robotic figure while they were in hot pursuit of a group of savage mercenaries. They wake up in hands of Core Prime who had brought them back by practically rebuilding them, now half-human and half-machine, Lancer and Marson have no choice to work together as Core Prime assigns them to track down the mercenaries and the villainous robot and stop their ultimate plan which evolves the president of the United States. MPAA Rating: Rated R for ...


After watching Transformers: The Last Knight, 2 guys are getting sick of same old Transformers movies and want to stop Michael Bay and Paramount from making more Transformers movies. Main Characters Ryan Peck- A hardcore Transformers fans who loved the cartoons become very disillusioned with the films and want to stop Michael Bay and Paramount from making more Transformers movie Barry Drake- Ryan's best friend who is NOT fan of Transformers movie and despises Michael Bay for making same old movies. Howard Nathanson- Greedy chairman of Paramount who loves money and want to make more Transformers Movies. He is like ...

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2026) by Nicholas Stoller

Neighbors 2 made 10 years later.

The World's End(american cast) by Edgar Wright

American version of the World's End

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The Building

An off duty police officer discovers a terrorist attack at the Empire State Building. It's ...

Suicide Watch

A computer programmer discovers he has seven days to end his own life in a ...

Fant4stic (2005)

Fant4stic made 10 years earlier

Some Kind of Hate (2005)

What if it was made 10 years earlier?


Scott Drayton, a notorious slacker and anti-music from a rural Kansas finds himself in a ...


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