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TEMPORAL DEMONS by Tristan Hartup

(A crossover between Duskia and Time Jumper.) During the events of both Time Jumper: Beyond The Limit and Power Crew: The Black Sunrise, giant robot piloting vampire Hildred Weekes had been getting to close to time jumper John Hawke, learning all about him and his abilities and dropping hints of sexual tension despite John's dedication and commitment to Libby Cole and that Ben Lewis had secretly been in love with Hildred ever since they were kids, but the one real reason Hildred had been getting close to John was to know one thing: If there's a possibility of a timeline ...

Paul Thomas Anderson's Interstellar by Christopher Nolan

What if Paul Thomas Anderson directed Interstellar?

David Fincher's Interstellar by Christopher Nolan

What if David Fincher directed Interstellar?

NO CITY LEFT UNDEAD by John Silver (All Souls Taken & All Saint's Day) and Tristan Hartup (Skies That Rain Upon The Dead)

The following entry takes place after the events of Skies That Rain Upon the Dead and All Saint's Day. Sarah Johnson is released from a mental hospital despite being emotionally disturbed by the deaths of Matthew Flynn and her brother Adam Johnson during the Halloween takeover on the planet Earth. She struggles to adjust to a normal life but can't bring herself to forget the captor who kidnapped her since childhood. Meanwhile, Dawn Hawkins and Tayden Holt have officially started an independent anti-cult group after their psychologically devastating encounter with the Grahams and the Hawkins, both families with histories of ...

ANCALACON by Tristan Hartup

Down on her luck half-human half-alien civilian pilot Lara Ryngave finds herself the prime suspect of a crime she claims she didn't commit despite there being hard evidence against her, she makes a perilous escape and sets out to find out who set her up and why. Eventually, Lara comes across a conspiracy surrounding an ancient intergalactic civilization known as "Ancalacon" (Believed only to be a myth) which is rumoured to be the holding place of a mysterious treasure of great value and great power and Lara's very being comes into question. Comparison: The Fifth Element meets National Treasure. MPAA ...

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