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In a dark and brutal future, Hydra has successfully taken control of the world, The Avengers have faded into myth and any uniquely gift person who's considered a threat to Hydra are being hunted down and exterminated. One of these hunted individuals is James Rogers, the son of two famous avengers: Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America and Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow, who after he was born and his parents were killed, was raised and trained by his parents' former ally Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man, who told him tales of the Avengers' glory days. But when a personal tragedy ...

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Gender Swap) by David Yates

What if the characters from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them swapped their genders? RATED PG-13 for some fantasy action violence Note: Even the director David Yates gets gender swapped


(A sequel to my title: Fiction Vs. Reality. Again, this will not be official canon for any of my characters' universes.) After retrieving his fictional characters and putting them back into the fictional universes, Tristan Hartup travels to Hollywood to sell his movie ideas so he can achieve his dream of being a famous filmmaker. But unfortunately, he and his ideas are being harshly turned down by every studio in town, and he loses the book of spells again. The book eventually lands in the hands of a greedy and corrupt bigshot Hollywood producer who reads from it and brings ...

LONE WOLVES: FINAL GROUND by John Silver, Vincent Garcia (Payton-Marcus trilogy), Dawson Joyce and Tristan Hartup (Power Crew Series)

This is my concluding entry to the Lone Wolf series which will fit in with Vincent Garcia's Payton-Marcus trilogy and sort of fit in with the Power Crew series. It has been years since James, Sean and Marlene have seen the Soul Taker since they were teenagers and the deaths of Miles and his crew alongside the disappearance of Payton-Marcus has left the world in scorches. With some help from the Power Crew, the three former super soldiers investigate the whereabouts of the dangerously invincible experiment and realize a larger threat is at stake with the Soul Taker planning to ...

Batman by CW Network

What if CW Network had Batman in the same Universe as Arrow,The Flash,Supergirl.

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All Hell Shall Flee

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Justice League: Key to Dreams

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DC: Salvation

SYNOPSIS: A sequel/spin-off of my titles Batman/Birds of Prey: Sirens' Storm, Justice League/Suicide Squad: Enchantress ...


This is based on a dramatic story about an average man name Daniel ? How ...


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