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The Ghost by Skeeter Hurd, Disney

A girl and her brother discovers their parents are possessed. CHARACTER LIST: Lesley - She is a young high school student. Jake - He is Lesley's younger brother. Diane - She is Jake's babysitter. Tina - She is Lesley and Jack's mother. Paul - He is Lesley and Jack's father. Jason - He is Lesley's best friend. Hayley - She is Lesley's other best friend. Dr. Zoom - He is Lesley and Jake's neighbor. Fern - She is Lesley and Jake's grandmother. Doug - He is Lesley and Jake's grandfather. MPAA Rating: PG for thematic material, fantasy violence, scary images …

Incredibles 2 (1998) by Brad Bird

Incredibles 2 was Made 20 Years Earlier (If The Year is Wrong I Will Edit It) Happy Voting and Soon I Will Make a Cast: The Incredibles: the Animated Series :D

Spy Dogs by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe, Disney

Six dogs lives changed when they become spies. CHARACTER LIST: Dag - She is a Doberman pinscher. Spot - He is a beagle. Fifi - She is a French poodle. Pablo - He is a chihuahua. Mickey - He is a Labrador. Todd - He is a businessman and Daisy's father. Lisa - She is a police officer and Daisy's mother. Daisy - She is Todd and Lisa's daughter. Mike - He is Todd's best friend. Carla - She is Todd's love interest. Mr. Bruno - He is the main villain. MPAA Rating: PG for action violence and peril, mild …

Christopher Robin (1998) by Walt Disney Pictures

What if Christopher Robin were made in the 90’s?

Rabbit and Turtle by Skeeter Hurd, Disney

A story of a unlikely friendship between a rabbit and a turtle. MPAA Rating: PG for action violence, mild peril, language and some rude humor

The Little Mermaid by Disney & Hans Christian Anderson (original story)

IMDB: “A CGI and live-action remake of the beloved 1989 Disney movie.”

Disney’s King Arthur: Sword in the Stone 2 by Walt Disney Animation Studios

50 years have passed since Arthur ruled the kingdom of Camelot, and now King Arthur returns with his old mentor Merlin on their next journey with the Knights of the Round Table to seek the Holy Grail!

Star vs. The Forces of Evil (Live-Action) by Daron Nefcy

A young princess named Star Butterfly has been sent out of her dimensional kingdom of Mewni and onto to Earth to practice her magic along with her friend Marco Diaz, a young high schooler who practices karate and tries to talk to one girl named Jackie. Together, Star and Marco embark on all sorts of crazy real-life or inter-dimensional adventures like everyday high school, fighting monsters, protecting Star's wand from the hands of the evil Ludo, coming up to grips with Star's ex-boyfriend Tom, defeat much more evil villains like Meteora, Toffee, and Eclipsa, and share a friendzone or boyfriend/girlfriend …

The Lion King (1984) by Jon Favreau and Jeff Nathanson

What if Jon Favreau's The Lion King was made 35 years ago?

Sonic Battle (Toon Disney Extreme) by The Disney and Sega production company

New residents are here in Station Square and Sonic, Tails and the other Freedom Fighters meet them in person.

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