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Titles Tagged “teens”

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Lower-class high-schoolers take on a gang from the right side of the tracks.

Growing Pains by Neal Marlens

The misadventures of a family with a home business father and a journalist mother.

The Mod Squad by Buddy Ruskin

Young people in trouble with the law (wealthy Pete stole a car; Linc arrested during Watts riots; Julie ran away from her San Francisco prostitute mother) avoid jail when they are recruited by Captain Greers to give the an edge by infiltrating the counter culture and exposing badguys who prey on other kids.

Ultra Maniac by Wataru Yoshizumi

It's Bewitched set in a private junior high school in Japan! A normal girl from our dimension and a witch from another dimension happen to meet, and the latter, it appears, lost something important. The normal girl finds it, and as a reward, the witch tells her that, well, she's a witch. And so begin the misadventures Ayu Tateishi (the normal girl) and Nina Sakura (the witch) get into.

Dark Paradise by J.D. Taylor

Answering a ad on the internet, a group of young men and women from the UK and America travel to an island off the coast of Jamaica. Their suspicions are aroused when they discover that it isn't on the maps they have in their possession. One-by-one, they start to realise that someone else got here before them, someone who enjoys killing people by any means necessary. As they fight to stay alive, they must work out whether the psycho is amongst them, or a complete stranger.

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