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Tokyo Majin by Shinji Ishihara

Tatsuma Hiyuu and his four friends stay up every night on fighting the Supernatural of evil in Tokyo.

The Amazing Spider-Man by By Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Teenage high-school student is bitten by a radioactive spider and is now given super powers. He becomes the Amazing Spider-Man.

Misfile by Chris Hazelton

Misfile is about two teenagers whose lives have been accidentally altered by an underachieving angel, who misfiled their fates. One character, Ash, changes from male to female, while the other, Emily, becomes two years younger and has to relive two years of her life. Both characters (and the angel) remember their past lives, but no one else does.

Superman: Reign of the 4 Supermen by Alan Brummett and Bruce Timm

In this Epic Saga Chapter of "The Death and Return of Superman" storyline after Superman was being rumored to believe he was killed by Doomsday. But the 4 Supermen came to planet earth to believe themselves if they are the true Superman. They are Cyborg, Eradicator, Steel, and Superboy.

Pretty Cure Full Color by xdisc

The Realm of Sky is the one that protects the weather of all worlds, and to protect this, the ruler of this realm, Princess Sora, has four magical objects, known as the Season Keys, that represents each one of the seasons: Autumn, a falling leaf, Winter, a frozen branch, Spring, a shining bud, and Summer, a warm stick. Each of these objects protect and maintain the balance in all the worlds. Everything was in peace, until an evil organization called Neomonde, ruled by a cruel but mysterious man, attempted to steal the Season Keys in order to destroy the balance ...

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Schindler's List (1973)

If Schindler's List was made 20 years earlier.

Avengers Age of Ultron Alternate Cast

Age of Ultron made with a different cast


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