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The Expendables 2(70s) by Sylvester Stallone,Simon West

If The Expendables was made in the 70s.

TERMINATOR: EXTERMINATION by James Cameron, Bruce Sterling John Knox

(Based on this fan made concept pitch: "This war will never end..." 2047, almost twenty years since the human resistance had won the war against Skynet and its machines, John Connor, the former leader of the resistance and his actions have all but been forgotten about and humanity is struggling to put itself back together due to so much scars left by Judgement Day and the war. And without a common enemy, humanity has defied the new laws set in place and have turned against each other. Until the discover is made that pockets of A.I. have survived, are ...

THE STARS OF LOVE AND WAR by Tristan Hartup and Dawson Joyce

Since the end of the 21st century, humans and the once peaceful humanoid extra-terrestrial species of the Massmiths have been at war with each other, it has been going so long that neither side remembers how or why it began in the first place. It has been almost 500 years since the war began and despite initially being out numbered and out gunned, the humans are now winning the war due to the use of physically and intellectually superior android soldiers, but there's a common and unstoppable design flaw, the androids are learning machines and through human observation and interaction, ...

Star Fox: Assault by Nintendo

PART XX OF THE NINTENDO CINEMATIC UNIVERSE SYNOPSIS: One year has passed since disaster was averted on the Dinosaur Planet, now given the name Sauria, and Andross' armies have been almost eradicated, but now a new threat has risen from the darkness of space. The Aparoids, creatures bent on assimilating all beasts and machines into their corrupted hive mind, are spreading relentlessly, and the Star Fox Team is the only thing standing between them and the utter ruin of the Lylat system. MPAA RATING: PG for sci-fi action violence and peril.

Star Fox: Dinosaur Planet by Nintendo

PART XI OF THE NINTENDO CINEMATIC UNIVERSE SYNOPSIS: Fox McCloud and his comrades are recognized as heroes after the death of Andross, but they've received little in the way of work since then, and their ship, the Great Fox, has seen much better days. However, one day, as they're approaching the Dinosaur Planet at the edge of the Lylat System, they receive a message from General Pepper asking them to investigate what's caused the world to suddenly start breaking up and find a way to fix it. At the same time, the Dinosaur Planet's inhabitants are under the dictatorial rule ...

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