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THE YOUNG ASSASSIN, tv series by Kyle Cooke & Jesse Gendelman/Netflix

PLOT: In this television series based on the Mike Nolan saga, Young assassin, Mike Nolan is the best fighter and tougher-than-nails tough with a capital T. In the events of Bulletproof Clash(the first film in the Mike Nolan saga, the one that started it all), he lost his parents, and two siblings, Matt and Maggie to his former best friend, Reuben Croft, who snapped and teamed with Mike's half-brother, Norman Collins and Joel Cameron(former boyfriend of Mike's sister, Amber)to hunt Mike and his family down, so Mike did his best to bring down his former best friend. No one fights ...

SILVER GEM II: THE BANE OF FANTASIES by John Silver / Gemini-Silver

Part II of my Silver-Gem(ini) trilogy, this entry focuses on satire of making fantasy movies, Game of Thrones, Old English material, Shakespeare, and mythology. -- Ben Carver, an aspiring yet broke filmmaker graduating from film school has trouble breaking into the industry despite having little successes with his short films on YouTube. He embarks on a plane to California but accidentally gets on a plane to London and walks the streets with total confusion as to what surrounds him. Whilst coming across a Game of Thrones Comic-Con event, Ben is inspired to make a "spin-off" of the show and begins ...

THE GHOSTLY SUPER SIX: THE SIX DESTRUCTORS by Tristan Hartup and Vincent Garcia

Liam McKenna is struggling to get through his senior year at high school with graduation fast approaching, burden by the promise he made to his deceased brother that he will take responsibility with his superhero duty, he struggles to balance his school life, family life and his newly formed relationship with his crush Amy Lyndon with his life as a superhero and as a part of the Power Crew. So he has decided that once he has graduated, he will fake his death so he can fully dedicate his life to his superhero persona, despite being conflicted by how this ...

SPACE GALAXY by Kyle Cooke & Jesse Gendelman

On Earth, two orphaned siblings, John and Amelia Stewart are recruited by a space commander. As soon as they arrive on space, they meet five new recruits. An evil space emperor is bent on conquering the galaxy. COMPARISON PITCH: Star Trek meets Passengers meets Galaxy Quest meets Jupiter Ascending MPAA RATING: PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action, violence and destruction, and for some language LEADS: John Stewart-main protagonist Amelia Stewart-John's sister Emperor Leland Benson-main antagonist Ian Benson-Emperor Benson's son Jason Travers-Han-Solo like character Grover McComb Eliza Rosenberg Savannah Rogers Mitchell Howe-secondary antagonist Commander Trent Paxton

The Naked Jungle by Byron Haskin

a Remake of the 1954 film

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