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Titles Tagged “thriller”

Michael Clayton (2017) by Tony Gilroy

A remake of 2007 Tony Gilroy's film Michael Clayton. RATED R for language including some sexual dialogue

Interstellar (2004) by Christopher Nolan

Interstellar made 10 years earlier.

Crossing the Line of Revenge by Kyle Cooke

Brad Johnson, a marine biologist, lives near the marina in a mansion with his father, George, sister, Sam, older brother, Adam and younger brother, Danny. They moved to the Carribean from New York, after George's wife(Brad, Adam, Danny and Sam's mother)passed away. All that changed one night, when George and Adam went to a basketball game, Sam was hanging out with a friend and Brad was playing basketball, Adam walks to a store, and he is confronted by a bunch of hitmen and he gets his throat slit and he dies at the hospital from the injuries. Brad is now ...

Bulletproof by Kyle Cooke

After two years in prison and his parents are gunned down in a grocery store shooting by three masked men, Mike Nolan teams with his siblings and his old friend's family members to take revenge of the people behind the holdup. COMPARISON PITCH: The Losers meets Collateral Damage meets Running Scared meets 12 Rounds meets The Marine meets Shoot 'Em Up meets The Long Kiss Goodnight meets Die Hard meets Cliffhanger meets Face/Off meets The Rock meets Con Air meets Assault on Precinct 13 meets Broken Arrow meets S.W.A.T. MPAA RATING: R for intense sequences of strong violence, strong pervasive ...

DIE YOUNG by Tristan Hartup

Though he just landed the job, Derrick Snow is very quickly becoming the most skilled and most lethal hitman in the business, with his cool and calm attitude and coldblooded, intelligent and professional way of working, the only twist is, that he's only a baby-faced troubled teenage runaway. Comparison Pitch: Catch Me If You Can meets Collateral. MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violence, language and brief drug material. Supporting Characters: Thaddeus Rider - Calm yet dangerous mob boss and Derrick's employer. Detective Karissa McNeil - tenacious cop on Derrick's tail and a single mom with a young son who ...

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A film adaptation of Green Day's 2004 rock opera album American Idiot, with elements drawn ...

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (1986)

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates made 30 years earlier.

The Avengers Womans

The Avengers conformed by woman With Music of Beyonce , Mariah Carey , Cher , ...

Italian Job(2013)

10 years later

Re-Animated (2019)

The Film Made by 12 Years


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