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Gattaca (2017) by Andrew Niccol

Gattaca made 20 years later.

SIX LITTLE ROBOTS by Tristan Hartup, suggested by vin13ish

In 1989, a down on his luck scientist puts his heart and soul into making investigations he assures himself will never change anything, and when he passes away sometime later, six little robots he invented become self aware and are left without a home and a purpose, they search through their creator's history that he has an estranged son and they set on a perilous journey to find him. All while catching the attention of their creator's greedy former employer. (Inspirations: Brave Little Toaster, WALL-E, Short Circuit.) MPAA Rating: Rated PG for thematic elements and some perilous action. (Overall, I ...

Alien Swap by James Gunn

Four High School girls who discover a buried alien ship and are given the ability to swap bodies or minds, but the power gets out of control when one of the girl's younger brother switches bodies with her and is kidnapped by the aliens. Main Characters Hope Tucker- The Leader of the girls whose younger brother got kidnapped by the aliens for experiment test. She never give up because her name is HOPE! She used ability to swap her classmate to help them and in the other word, She basically helping her classmate to cheating Jennifer Andrews- Hope's childhood friend ...

PARADOX HEART by John Silver, STX Entertainment and A24

Leo Marcus is an artificial human being from the 5th dimension where Earth has been obliterated and all of humanity is forced to live on the Moon, where the average life span is extended and the sick are given the keys to immortality. Despite appearing human to the others, Leo cannot feel emotion and struggles to fit in with the rest of civilization. But one day, during an experiment involving time travel goes awry, Leo is sucked into a black hole that sends him through several different timelines until he mysteriously lands in a 1940's era in New York City. ...

THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (Several Variations) by Woody Allen, original reinterpretation by vin13ish, remade by John Silver.

Woody Allen's take on the post-apocalyptic romance movie, except this time, he will act as a producer. Also adding some elements from Ex Machina (Atmosphere and cinematography), The Time Traveler's Wife (Storyline and romance element), and Warm Bodies (Virus subplot). MPAA: Rated R for strong sexual content throughout, brief violent content and language. -- Rain - An old soul inside of a 40 year old man. Ragged but lonely, he discovers that he is the last man on Earth after a virus has wiped out the males or turned them into psychotic but unrecognizable attackers. Katherine Mills - Introverted young ...

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