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Titles Tagged “romance”

BREAK by Vincent Garcia and Tristan Hartup

5 different stories about 2 lovers and their tragic ending Story #1: 2017 - A married woman tries to help her drug-addict husband but to no avail Story #2: 2006 - A college roommate become a broken man after learning a shocking secret from his girlfriend Story #3: 1995 - A kind high-school teacher developed a romantic relationship with a recently graduate student but after seeing her bruises, he become psychopath and willing to kill anyone who dare to hurt her Story #4: 1984 - A young woman is charmed by an older woman who has so many failed relationship ...

Lady Bird (2007) by Greta Gerwig

Lady Bird made 10 years earlier.

Sleeping Beauty (1990's) by Walt Disney

What if Sleeping Beauty was made in the 1990's?

Where Did The Love Go? by Skeeter Hurd

A poor young man who works as a poet falls in love with a rich young woman who works as a prostitute in 1970s Mumbai. (Cast Bollywood actors and actresses only.) CHARACTER LIST: Aditya - He is a poor young man who is a poet. Devi - She is a rich young woman who works as a prostitute, Arjun's girlfriend and Aditya's love interest. Arjun - He is Devi's boyfriend. Lakshmi - She is an unattractive young woman who is an ugly duckling with pimples. Dhanush - He is a perverse Hollywood film director. Deepti - She is an old ...

Aladdin (1970's) by John Musker and Ron Clements

Aladdin made 40 years earlier.

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Christmas or Hanukkah

PLOT: Will Roberts(a Christian man)and Sharon Martin(A Jewish woman)celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah separately. They later ...

Coming Around for Christmas

PLOT: Trevor Patton, a recently graduated college student, is back home for good. Around Christmas, ...

My Uncle the Scrooge

PLOT: Tyler Burke and his girlfriend, Monica Reynolds take a commuter train to Mississippi to ...

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (The Animated Movie) (1999)

What if Majora's Mask was an Animated Film in the 90's?

A Nostalgia Critic Christmas Carol

Since Nostalgia Critic won't do A Christmas Carol parody, how about we just make one ...


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