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Click (Black Cast) by Adam Sandler

If Click was made with Black Actors

50 First Dates (1970s) by Adam Sandler

Henry Roth is a veterinarian at Sea Life Park on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. He has a reputation of womanizing female tourists and does not display any interest in committing to a serious relationship. Henry's closest friends are Ula, a marijuana-smoking Islander; his assistant Alexa, whose gender is unclear; Willy, his pet African penguin; and Jocko, a walrus. One day Henry’s boat breaks down while he is sailing around Oahu. He goes to the Hukilau Café to wait for the Coast Guard. There he sees a young woman named Lucy Whitmore, who makes architectural art with her waffles. Henry ...

Click (1970s) by Adam Sandler

Michael Newman is a hardworking architect, married to his longtime sweetheart Donna Newman with two children, Ben and Samantha. Michael is easily pushed around by his overbearing boss, John Ammer, and often chooses work over family. Michael visits the retail store Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a universal remote control for his home. He stumbles around the various departments before falling onto a bed, and sees a section titled "Beyond". A man named Morty offers Michael a free remote, but warns it can never be returned. Learning to use the remote, Michael finds that it can control reality much ...

About Jenny by Terry Zwigoff

Set between 1985 and 1995, short-tempered yet cynical comic book writer/artist Nathan Wallace meets a lonely psychiatrist Jenny Baxter, who has the same interests as his, but Jenny has a dream of becoming a rock star like Debbie Harry, but this is halted because of her mother, best friend and fiancé's decisions towards her.

Midnight Sun(80s) by Scott Speers

what if the new Bella Thorne/Patrick Schwarzenegger film came out in the 80s.

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God Of War

Many years have passed since Kratos took his vengeance against the Olympian gods, destroying the ...

I Feel Pretty(80s)

what if the new Amy Schumer film was release in the 80s.

Cat People

what if the Horror film was release today.

The Fantastic Team

Maleficent has returned with all her powers of hell along with her subjects of darkness, ...


**Tentative title, no relation to the Jim Henson film** Wendy Lloyd is a troubled young ...


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