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Titles Tagged “mystery”

The Pink Panther (1996) by Shawn Levy

The Pink Panther made 10 years earlier.

The Pink Panther (2016) by Shawn Levy

The Pink Panther made 10 years later.

RAVENROCK by Tristan Hartup

Ravenrock, once a mysterious and highly secretive pirate cove rumored to be hiding over a billion dollars worth of stolen treasure faded into myth, suddenly discovered by the US government and turned into a top secret felicity and sight for all of the government's corrupted and unlawfully projects, and a more extra details yet to be discovered. MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for intense extended sequences of violence, gunplay and mayhem, and for brief language. CHARACTERS: Kristen Ford - nosy and overzealous recently graduated rookie FBI agent. Marcus Murphy - retired Navy SEAL accused of suffering from PTSD and conspiracy theorist. ...

L.A. Confidential (2007) by James Ellroy and Curtis Hanson

L.A. Confidential made 10 years later.

Now You See Me (2003) by Louis Letterier

Now You See Me made 10 years earlier.

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Jeff, Who Lives at Homes(2021)

Jeff, Who Lives at Homes mae 10 years later.


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