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GREMLINS by Joe Dante, Chris Columbus, Tristan Hartup

Clumsy, awkward yet kind-hearted teenage outcast Blakely receives a strange grift from her struggling workaholic father for her 16th birthday, a small furry creature known as a mogwai that her dad bought from a junk store in Chinatown (actually he stole it) and he gives her three very important rules to follow: do not expose the mogwai to bright lights or sunlight which will kill it, do not let it get wet, and never feed it after midnight. Initially, Blakely is very hesitant but is quickly won over by the adorable little creature that she ends up naming "Gizmo", unfortunately, ...

Wonder Woman (Prequel) by William Moulton Charleston

Princess Diana of Themysciria travels to Africa in the 1930's with Steve Trevor and she meets a British Scientist name Dr. Barbara Minerva who is envious of Diana Prince and she transforms himself into a Cheetah from the plant-god Urzkartaga, who possess herself to take down The Amazing Amazon.

FAIRY TALES NO MORE by John Silver and Tristan Hartup

Elven Princess Andella Lanarill is a rebellious woman who has had enough of the kingdom's treatment of her compassion towards human beings in a world run by elves who want nothing in the world but to prevent human life from destroying their planet with arrogance, waste, and so-called "morals" to build a new civilization. Things change when an intuitive but kind-hearted soldier Colin Street is left behind by his own people during a special ops mission and taken into custody by the elves. Andella is troubled by her father's persecution of humans and decides to release Colin from prison and ...

Star Wars by George Lucas

An up to date, grittier take on the original classic by George Lucas. This film will include the same characters and story-line but with different mostly different actors playing the roles. It is bringing the original Star Wars to a new generation.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Though London awaits the joyful arrival of Christmas, miserly Ebenezer Scrooge thinks it's all humbug, berating his faithful clerk and cheerful nephew for their view. Later, Scrooge encounters the ghost of his late business partner, who warns that three spirits will visit him this night. The ghosts take Scrooge on a journey through his past, present and future in the hope of transforming his bitterness.

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