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THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH by Tristan Hartup and Vincent Garcia

In the year 2218, a 200 year old healthy yet very unhappy named Lucius Russell lives a lonely live, he has no children and has extreme difficulties socializing with other people due to him having Autism and he doesn't want to travel or go out a lot. Until a new opportunity comes to him in the form of a brilliant scientist named Alexander Booker, who is the grandson of an old but close friend of Lucius', Alexander, along with his beautiful daughter Evangeline, offer to de-age into a young man by putting him into a machine that basically acts as ...

THE STARS OF LOVE AND WAR by Tristan Hartup and Dawson Joyce

Since the end of the 21st century, humans and the once peaceful humanoid extra-terrestrial species of the Massmiths have been at war with each other, it has been going so long that neither side remembers how or why it began in the first place. It has been almost 500 years since the war began and despite initially being out numbered and out gunned, the humans are now winning the war due to the use of physically and intellectually superior android soldiers, but there's a common and unstoppable design flaw, the androids are learning machines and through human observation and interaction, ...

Nocturnal Animals (1996) by ?

We all know about Tom Ford's critically acclaimed masterpiece, "Nocturnal Animals." But most of us DON'T know that this film was actually the second attempt to make a film adaptation of Austin Wright's 1993 novel "Tony and Susan?" The first attempt, made in the mid-1990s, ended in failure when Warner Bros., Universal, and HBO all turned down offers to do it. What if the first attempt had succeeded, and resulted in "Nocturnal Animals" being made twenty years earlier? NOTE: Because this is intended to be a FAITHFUL adaptation of the book, several characters from the film have been renamed or ...

Steve Irwin by Unknown

A biopic on the Animal Planet star Steve Irwin, who died after being stung in the chest by a stingray at the age of 44 in 2006.

Artificial Life by Warner Bros Pictures

Welcome to Midland Grove, a small town full of nice people that's inside an online life simulation game (exactly like The Sims), where every people living there is an avatar controlled by users living on a real world. The only times where those avatars are in freedom to do anything they want are when the user is not commanding them to do actions or when the user closes the game. The main story revolves around a teenage avatar named Eddie Barton. His life will take a strange turn when somehow he discovers in his dreams the truth about that artificial ...

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Sing made 10 years later.

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The Wolf of Wall Street (1993)

If The Wolf of Wall Street was made 20 years earlier.

Batman '66 Meets The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Napoleon Solo is the man from U.N.C.L.E.-the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement. Together ...

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy (2019-2025)

What if the Star Wars Prequels were made 20 years later. Disclaimer: Anakin does not ...


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