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The Endless Farewell by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

A con man deals with his father’s passing by paying for his funeral costs. CHARACTER LIST: Danny - He is a con man. Debbie - She is Danny’s mother. George - He is Danny’s deceased father. Lisa - She is Danny’s wife. Alice - She is Danny’s daughter. Trent - He is Alice’s son. Todd - He is Danny’s younger brother. Molly - Sue is Danny’s younger sister. Kate - She is one of Danny’s neighbors. Brian - He is one of Danny’s neighbors. Tony - He is a drug addict. Sue - She is a prostitute. Jack - He …

BLIND SPOTS by Tristan Hartup

(Based on a fan-made poster I created on DeviantArt.) American con artist Randall Moses is desperately looking to make something for himself in his otherwise worthless life, he travels the globe using his intelligence, charisma and impeccable organizational skills to pull off seemingly elaborate scams and his actions have made him an intentional fugitive, he primarily operates by seeking out and working within a potential target's blind spots, and though he can be a bit too cocky and overly ambitious for his own good, he always maintains to abide by one very important rule he has set for himself: never …

Fast & Furious: Spy Racers (Live-Action) by Gary Scott Thompson

A team of teenage street racers are hired to infiltrate a criminal gang.

Potheads by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

A college dropout teams up with a police officer to create a marijuana business. PITCH: It's like Breaking Bad meets 48 Hours. CHARACTER LIST: Nathan Berkeley - He is college dropout. Bob Higgins - He is an police officer Sandy Berkeley - She is Nathan's mother. Paul Berkeley - He is Nathan's alcohol addicted father. Pablo Rodriguez - He is Nathan's best friend. Jamie Samuels - She is a bartender. Wendy Higgins - She is Bob's wife. Brad Higgins - She is Bob's son. Ally Higgins - She is Bob's daughter. Casey Jefferies - She is a young woman who …

House of Gucci (2001) by Ridley Scott

House of Gucci made 20 years earlier.

The Accusation by Skeeter Hurd

Plot: A single mother faces her worst situation when her daughter was charged for murder of her classmate. Characters: Caroline Lee - A mother. Joy Lee - Caroline's daughter. Richie Goldberg - A judge. Amanda Dover - Caroline's Lawyer. Det. Carver - A police detective. Officer Birch - A police officer and Carver's best friend. Principal Halpern - A principal. Banks - A janitor who witness the murder. Julie Malone - A young girl who witness the murder. MPAA Rating: Rated R for some violence and language

Time Swap by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

After a high school student switched bodies with a hitman, she gets poisoned and must return to her body before it kills her. PITCH: It's like John Wick meets Freaky Friday meets Crank meets Leon: The Professional meets La Femme Nikita meets Kill Bill. CHARACTER LIST: Kylie Harris - She is a high school bully. Dean Looper - He is an hitman. Dorothy Gold - She is Kylie's best friend. Brianna Banks - She is Kylie's best friend. Ashley Nicholson - She is Kylie's best friend. Miranda Murphy - She is a student who gets bullied by Kylie. Sara Valerio …

Runner, Runner (Black Cast) by New Regency Productions

What if Runner, Runner was Made in Black Actors and Black Actresses

Midnight Ride by Skeeter Hurd

A college student find himself in the deadliest world of street racing with a help of a retired street racer to take down a drug lord. PITCH: It's like Fast and the Furious meets Leon: The Professional meets Sicario. CHARACTER LIST: Jack Middleton - He is a college student. Wayne Barton - He is Jack's best friend. Paul Hawkins - He is Jack's best friend. Cynthia Middleton - She is Jack's younger sister. Alice Garrett - She is Jack's girlfriend. Bill Dandy - He is a former racer who comes out of retirement and wants to race Jack. Armando Ramirez …

Pussy Friday by Skeeter Hurd

A father and his daughter get revenge on bikers who murdered his wife. PITCH: It's like Sons of Anarchy meets Death Wish meets The Terminator meets Planet Terror meets RoboCop meets John Wick. CHARACTER LIST: Frank - He is a police officer. Liza - She is Frank's deceased wife. Hailey - She is Frank and Liza's daughter who is a cyborg. Brent - He is Hailey's boyfriend. Harry - He is a leader of a biker gang. Tom - He is a biker. Albert - He is a biker. Gary - He is a biker. Fred - He is a …

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