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Mothers and Daughter by Unknown

Is the story of group third age friends and how they interact with them oldest daughter Margaret (68) & Barbara (48) Linda (78) & Mary (58) Emily (70) & Carol (44) Elaine (71) & Stephanie (47) Frances (76) & Leigh (52) Melissa (70) & Susan (45) Judy (68) & Nicole (48) Julia (70) & Jess (36)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2015) by Shane Black

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang made 10 years later

GOING NOWHERE by Tristan Hartup

Just three days away from his 20th birthday, antisocial and unambitious outsider Ryan Fichtner finds himself with no money, unable to drive, a broken phone and no way of getting home, so he resorts to spend the night hanging out in the lobby of a movie theatre. Bored out of his mind and frustrated by the position he's in, Ryan ends up befriending both a security guard who is an expecting father and a distraught young woman who has just lost both her job and her long term boyfriend and Ryan begins to seriously rethink his life. MPAA Rating: Rated ...

The Big Short (Gender Swap) by Paramount Pictures

What if the characters from The Big Short swapped their genders? Note: Even the director Adam McKay gets gender swapped RATED R for pervasive language and some sexuality/nudity

Identity Thief (2023) by Seth Gordon

identity thief made 10 years later.

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Biopic Auditions: Jim Henson

James Maury "Jim" Henson was an American puppeteer, artist, cartoonist, inventor, screenwriter, songwriter, musician, actor, ...

Capote (2019)

A remake of Bennett Miller's 2005 film, Capote. RATED R for some violent images and ...


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