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All I Want For Christmas Is You by Unknown

Many parallel stories of people living on christmas eve and chrsitmas on new york Characters: Vanessa Robertson - a 50 year old woman that have 4 kids and is divorced and now that she is start to date another man is have been her best year , and Mariah Carey is her best friend Olivia Robertson - a 75 years old singer that is aunt of Vanessa that she have a reunion with his son that she put in adoption while she also enjoy some quality time with her other kids Guadalupe Torres - a mexican woman that is happy ...

NBC's Parenthood (1980's) by Jason Katims and Ron Howard

What if NBC's Parenthood was made in the 1980's, who would you cast?

THE CHOSEN ONE by Joe Dartmouth

A young fighting game enthusiast Marcus Kenny and his friend Brendan Jones get sucked into adventure after an ancient evil sorcerer is resurrected and pits some of the greatest fighters in the world against one another in a tournament. They are trained by the master of Japan's greatest fighter and his daughter to do battle against the sorcerer Murumasa Influences: Mortal Kombat meets Street Fighter meets Kung Pow! Enter the Fist meets Scott Pilgrim vs. the World MPAA: Rated R for over the top fantasy violence, language, and blood. Characters Marcus Kenny - Socially awkward fighting game enthusiast. Doesn't know ...

Grudge Match (2023) by Peter Segal

Grudge Match made 10 years later.

The Watch (2022) by Akiva Schaffer

The Watch made 10 years later.

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When she was six, Laura had a vision of a beautiful visitor in her bedchamber. ...

Christopher Nolan's The Place Beyond the Pines

What if Christopher Nolan directed The Place Beyond the Pines?

Fred Claus (2017)

Fred Claus made 10 years later.

Master Phantasmic

SYNOPSIS: In 19th century Victorian era England, struggling businessman, inventor, and father Martin Felton winds ...

Technical Difficulties

SYNOPSIS: As a harmless prank, a group of troublemaking teenagers decide to crash a live ...


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