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My Evil Real Mother by Warner Bros. Pictures

A man is finally reunited with his real mother but his step-mother suspicious that his real mother doesn't care about Scott Main Characters Jenny Peters- Scott's step-mother who been taking care of him! She loved him so much! She call Diana out for abandoned Scott and his father! Diana Freeman- Scott's real mother with a British accent who left him and his father behind because she wasn't ready of becoming a mother. She want to make up for years of abandoned him however she actually using Scott in order to regained her forgotten fame as a movie star Scott Peters- ...

Christopher Nolan's Horrible Bosses 2 by Sean Anders

What if Christopher Nolan directed Horrible Bosses 2?

Christopher Nolan's Horrible Bosses by Seth Gordon

What if Christopher Nolan directed Horrible Bosses?

Horrible Bosses 2 (2024) by Sean Anders

Horrible Bosses 2 made 10 years later.

Chicken Run by Aardman

Live action version of the Aardman film.

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Console Breach

A crossover reinterpretation of MovieCriticGamer's titles Consoled and Breached. ORIGINAL SYNOPSES: BREACHED - On a ...

The Help (1991)

The movie made in the 90s

I'm Charlie

A lonely woman develops an unlikely romantic relationship with a man who doesn't talk at ...

Magic Tree House

Based on the book series by Mary Pope Osborne. MPAA Rating: PG for adventure action ...

Iconic Actors

Many classic hollywood actors porteyed by actual actors


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