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JOE KING by Tristan Hartup

Residents of a small town in New England are in a state of decay, with their personal issues growing exponentially and interfering the town's social and financial status. Eventually, an unexpected help comes in the form a mysterious, sarcastic, fast-talking, intelligent and insightful young drifter and self-proclaimed nobody named "Joe King" who attempts to help out the individual residents. And eventually, curiosities about Joe's mysterious history begin to arise. (What Joe King's mysterious backstory is, it's up to you to decide, comment what you want it to be.) MPAA Rating: Rated R for language. CHARACTERS: Joe King - A young, ...

Sesame Treasure Island by Sesame Workshop

Sesame Street presents their version of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic.

American Ultra (2005) by Max Landis

American Ultra (2015) made 10 years earlier

KoKoKoMo by Penny Marshall & Robert Benton

Based on the Beach Boys' Song wbich takes place somewhere in the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Her (2033) by Spike Jonze

Her made 20 years later.

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