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Mrs. Phoenix by Universal Pictures

Johnny Cooke, a normal high-schooler discovers that there's something wrong going with his substitute english teacher Mrs. Phoenix, she seems to act very strange around everyone. He soon discovers that Mrs. Phoenix is actually a good witch from another dimension with fantastical places and creatures. Phoenix instead of freaking out that her secret had been revealed to a human being, she asks him for help. So Johnny and his crush Kathy, must now help Phoenix and her dragon pet to return to their home dimension to defeat an evil witch threatening his father and the whole mankind. RATED PG-13 for ...

Legend Quest (Live-Action) by Netflix, Anima Estudios

When an Evil Force Threatens his Village, A Gifted Teen Who Can Talk to Ghosts Puts His Skills to Good Use, One Legend at a Time

Madagascar (1995) Voices only by Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath

What if Madagascar was made 10 years earlier?

GHOSTBUSTERS LEGACY by Dan Aykroyd & Harold Ramis and Tristan Hartup

Personally, if people were to ask me if I were to make a new Ghostbusters movie (being a sequel or a reboot or whatever), how would I have done it, this is what I personally would do: I would have the movie be loose continuation of the first two movies, it wouldn't be continuing the story of the original characters but it would be set in the same universe. It would be set in modern day in a time where the ghostbusters' fame has faded by this point, some people would still have memories the what happen and some people ...

Rock Dog (2007) by Summit Premiere

Rock Dog Made in 10 Years Earlier

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Oscars 2016 (1996)

Oscars and the movies made 20 years earlier.

The One Enemy of Arda: The Rise of the Shadow

Borlas kalidoro is wondering man ( a combo of Conan and the man with no ...


10 years earlier

Good Friday the 13th Return to Crystal lake

Tommy Jarvis along with Crichton Duke who now has a back brace save a group ...

Sleepaway Camp

SYNOPSIS: After a horrible boating accident kills her father John and twin brother Peter, Angela ...


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