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Dog Day Afternoon (2015) by P.F. Kluge, Thomas Moore, and Frank Pierson

Dog Day Afternoon made 40 years later.

Philippe at Australia by Philippe Petit

In 1973, Philippe Petit went to Australia from Paris, France. Philippe begin to walked a wire rigged between the two north pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge before he's been arrested.

The Professional Againster by James Cagney

A Biography about the life and career of the genius film and stage actor, James Cagney.

NYC 1974 by Nicholas Stoller and Oliver Stone

In July 1974, John Lennon is recording the album of Walls and Bridges, with Elton John sings of harmony. On the morning of August 6, 1974, Lennon finished the recording and the next day, Yoko Ono told John Lennon to see him on TV. That was Philippe Petit on the high-wire artist.

Laurel and Hardy by Stan Laurel

The story of Stan Laurel with Charlie Chaplin went to America in 1912 to meet Oliver Hardy in 1921 to his death on February 23, 1965. Charlie Chaplin missed his friend, Stan Laurel in his graveyard.

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