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Kingsman: The Secret Service (2025) by Matthew Vaughn

Kingsman: The Secret Service made 10 years later

Salt (2020) by Phillip Noyce

Salt made 10 years later.

KINGSMAN: RISE OF THE KNIGHT (2017) by Matthew Vaughn, Art Engelbert, and Fannie Lonsdale

The sequel took place two years after Kingsman: The Secret Service. Gary “Eggsy” Unwin is now Kingsman agent codenamed Galahad, and the Kingsman is now headed by Lord Drummond with codename Arthur. The world is now under threat again, after the intelligence community discovers creation of state-of-the-art military satellite named Odyssey that can unleash solar pulse generated from the sun that can be utilized as mass murder weapon. The satellite is created by Dr. Remy Whitworth, a mad scientist who “disappeared” six years ago. Whitworth intended to sell it to the highest bidder and an inhumane arms dealer, Natalie Sykes, ...

LIGHTNING ARROW by Tristan Hartup

A crossover between the characters Hayden Ryan from "Hoax In The Gun" and "Red Fire", and Robyn Barlow from "Crimson Butterfly". After being proven innocent and welcomed back into the CIA, Hayden Ryan immediately jumps right back into action when a series of horrific terrorist attacks occur all around the world with a calling card of a lightning bolt. With clues all pointing to disfigured former MI6 agent Sebastian Arrow, Hayden Ryan focuses on another interesting clue and attempts to contact fugitive mother and daughter spies Mathilda and Robyn Barlow. Although they start off on the wrong foot, Hayden quickly ...


Victoria and Krista are now officially highly trained spies working for the Secret Service, also serving as undercover CIA Agents. Their boss Headmaster Caine approves of their successful missions but is still questioning about their approach to dealing with the baddies. One day, two biological sisters Natalie and Rebecca come across a dangerous location which compromises the sisters' positions in ambushing their adversaries and results in Victoria getting kidnapped by the criminally insane mastermind known as "Hawk", who used to work for Caine until he decided to resign and get involved in the world of chaos. Hawk and his clone ...

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