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Victoria and Krista are now officially highly trained spies working for the Secret Service, also serving as undercover CIA Agents. Their boss Headmaster Caine approves of their successful missions but is still questioning about their approach to dealing with the baddies. One day, two biological sisters Natalie and Rebecca come across a dangerous location which compromises the sisters' positions in ambushing their adversaries and results in Victoria getting kidnapped by the criminally insane mastermind known as "Hawk", who used to work for Caine until he decided to resign and get involved in the world of chaos. Hawk and his clone ...

RED FIRE by "Sister Spies" by John Silver, "Hoax In The Gun" by Tristan Hartup

My entry for MovieCriticGamer's challenge (he is the original creator of Sister Spies.) After preventing chemical warfare but being accused of selling incriminating secrets of the CIA to terrorist organisations, Hayden Ryan goes on the run and soon begins to notice and obsessively track the activities of former military policeman turned mercenary leader Alexander Grentz. With the CIA relentlessly trying to find Hayden, they call upon two highly trained "sisters", Victoria and Krista, to hunt him down and bring him in. Hayden now must convince the girls he's innocent and get their help to take Grentz down. MPAA Rating: Rated ...

HOAX IN THE GUN by Tristan Hartup

The story of hot headed outsider Hayden Ryan who soon becomes the youngest, the most unconventional and yet the most skilled operative to join the CIA's best. MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence, gunplay and action, and for brief strong language. Supporting Characters: Jeffrey Steele - Main antagonist, mysterious rogue former CIA agent turned chemical arms dealer who claims to have a close connection with Hayden. Thomas Lockhart - Uncompromising deputy director of the CIA. Heather McCarthy - Aggravated cop who's also Hayden's neighbor and becomes his love interest.

Spy (2025) by Paul Feig

Spy made 10 yrs l8r


Robyn Barlow is a troubled teenager who's constantly moving from place to place with her stressed out single mother who's often away on business and their relationship hasn't been good at all. Until one day, Robyn finds that mom has mysterious vanished without any trace, and she then discovers that her mother is actually highly trained spy and has been kidnapped by a her boss who's gone rogue and is in cahoots with a very powerful german gangster. Realising that her mother had been training her to defend herself her entire life, Robyn decides to go a head and become ...

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