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Titles Tagged “Sequel”

Uncharted: A Thief's End by Naughty Dog

Nathan Drake comes out of retirement one last time, to go on a dangerous quest for Henry Avery's pirate treasure with his brother, Sam. But will he make it to the end of his epic journey?

Edgelord and Moustache Guy's Excellent Adventure by That Guy

When Two Background Characters Stumble Into a Wild Adventure Featuring Drama Comedy Romance and Singing Characters Edgelord-a 17 Year old Boy Moustache Guy-a 42 Year Old man who is edgelords uncle Green Shirt Girl-Edgelord's 17 year old girlfriend Greaser-a 17 year old guy The Groundskeepers-70 year old men Black Guy-a 20 something year old black guy Aloysius O'Hare-The 55 Year old Villain Marie-a 7 year old girl Wesley-a 7 year old boy Granny Norma-a 93 year old Women Sai-a 30 year old Man

Timecop: The Next Level by Syd Ronnie Cash

Years after being a timecop Walker is ready to retire but Ian Pascal the greatest time fugitive has escaped form prison. And​ now​ Walker and a new recurit Clarke Logan​ and there is a trader at tcu it is Rainan Chen.

The Return of Billy Jack by Syd Ronnie Cash

Billy Jack fights against internet and child pornography and fights the godfather of godfather and Billy Jack fights against human trafficking

Good Friday the 13th Return to Crystal lake by Syd Ronnie Cash

Tommy Jarvis along with Crichton Duke who now has a back brace save a group of kids form Jason and fight him. Together they must fight jason

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