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Antboy: Revenge of the Red Fury (2007) by Kenneth B√łgh Andersen

What If Antboy: Revenge of the Red Fury was Made Early 2000s

Star Wars Episode V.V: Shadows of the Empire (1982) by George Lucas

What if the most popular story in the Star Wars Expanded Universe actually was a movie back in the 80s after Empire Strikes Back, I guess you could call this a Quadrilogy? Well anyway, here's the movie version of Shadows of the Empire in all it's glory!

It: Part 2 (2019) by Stephen King

The sequel to It (2017), which will follow the characters 27 years later.

WARRIOR X: HELL AND BACK by Tristan Hartup

(Just to be clear, I'm only bringing back Warrior X just this once so I can give him a satisfying conclusion.) Years after battling the Soul Taker which resulted in his death, violent supervigilante and former Power Crew member Sam Rodgers a.k.a Warrior X finds himself somehow back from the dead to find that everything around him has changed, anyone he was close to has either died or has moved on, the Power Crew has almost entirely new members and is under the supervision of the government organisation Core Prime. During all of this, Sam begins to ponder how and ...

WOLVES & ANGELS by John Silver and Tristan Hartup

The second crossover between Lone Wolf and Storm Angel, continuity wise, This is set in between the events of Power Crew: Ultimate Coming Together and Lone Wolves: Final Ground. After helping the Power Crew to defend all existing dimensions, former supersoldier turned lone wanderer Anon attempts to find away to fit in a world he's not use to, a world where he no longer has to struggle to survive though he's haunted by the fact that in the distant future this world will at one point become the nightmarish wasteland, but the one bright spot on his mind is thoughts ...

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What if STEEL became a remake version ? What would it be like ?

Oliver & Company(Live-Action)

Oliver & Company if it got a live-action remake

Mystery Men (2009)

If Mystery Men was made 10 years later

Mystery Men (2019)

If Mystery Men was made 20 years later

Red Thanksgiving

PLOT: In Pennsylvania, college freshman, Stanley Brewer returns home for Thanksgiving with his widowed father ...


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