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Blossom (reboot) by ABC/Disney/Don Reo

If Blossom was rebooted

Beverly Hills 90210 (reboot) by Darren Star

If Beverly Hills 90210 was rebooted

Party of Five (reboot) by Fox/Christopher Keyser/Amy Lippman

If Party of Five was rebooted

Friends (reboot) by Warner Bros. Pictures/David Crane/Marta Kauffman

If Friends was rebooted

THE YOUNG ASSASSIN, tv series by Kyle Cooke & Jesse Gendelman/Netflix

PLOT: In this television series based on the Mike Nolan saga, Young assassin, Mike Nolan is the best fighter and tougher-than-nails tough with a capital T. In the events of Bulletproof Clash(the first film in the Mike Nolan saga, the one that started it all), he lost his parents, and two siblings, Matt and Maggie to his former best friend, Reuben Croft, who snapped and teamed with Mike's half-brother, Norman Collins and Joel Cameron(former boyfriend of Mike's sister, Amber)to hunt Mike and his family down, so Mike did his best to bring down his former best friend. No one fights ...

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An alien empire has found Gonzo’s appearance on Earth, They bring him and The Muppets ...

Eyes of Katrina (SNL)

What if the cast of Eyes of Katrina were SNL cast members?

The Lost World (90's)

What if Hollywood try to compete Jurassic Park in the early 90's with another dinosaur-movie ...

Justice League/Avengers: The Force Awakens

The Justice League and Avengers team up to stop Kylo Ren and the First Order ...

Rise of the Guardians (Part 2)

This is the sequel to "Rise of the Guardians" What would it be like in ...


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