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Better Than One by Kyle Cooke/Seth MacFarlane

PLOT: In a town called Allentown, Massachusetts, two families, The Newmans and the Wallaces are living across the street to one another. Tony Newman, his wife, Savannah, his daughter, Amber, two sons, Mike(a teenager)and Nicky(a toddler who acts a lot like Stewie from Family Guy)and the family dog, Dominic. Christian Wallace, a young male, whose family is himself, his widowed father, Roland, stepmother, Erin, two brothers, Jack and Braxton, two sisters, Claudia and Carly, younger half-brother, Jake and the family cat, Owen. There's also three of Christian and Tony's friends. Christian's side is Cary Renfro, Tommy James and David Biggs. ...

BLADE by Marvel, Netflix

A young half-human half-vampire hunter of the undead travels to New York city to seek vengeance against the vampires who killed his mother and created him.

Music and Coffee by Showtime

The series centers around Lucas and Stevie Hopson, a musician couple that try to pursue their music career and raising their adoptive-7-year-old daughter Hazel. Rated TV-MA-L-S(adult language, adult content, sexuality) Characters: Lucas Hopson, a determined aspiring musician and Stevie's husband and Hazel's father who has anxiety Stevie Hopson, a loyal, but witty and feisty aspiring musician who is Lucas' wife and Hazel's mother Hazel Hopson, an African-American 7-year-old girl who is Lucas and Stevie's adoptive daughter

Nolan in Houston by Kyle Cooke

This was before the events of the Mike Nolan action film saga began.

Walker, Texas Ranger by CBS

A reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger in which Cordell Walker Jr., son of the original Cordell Walker, and his sister, Angela are following in their father's footsteps.

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