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The Adventures of Brer Rabbit (80s) by Anyone

If The Adventures of Brer Rabbit made in the 80s

The Search for Mickey Mouse by Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio and Christopher Nolan & Tony Kushner

The story of in honor of Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary, the project was about Mickey who gets kidnapped by unknown forces, forcing Minnie Mouse to enlist Basil of Baker Street to investigate his disappearance, and later encounters one character from Disney's animated film canon such as Alice, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, and Aladdin. The young 10-year-old boy, Roger who was running away from the school bullies into the place of unknown forces and who will rescue Mickey Mouse. The unknown forces told by the boss, Pete.

Littlest Pet Shop (Live-Action) by Hasbro

The Littlest Pet Shop Cartoon, with a Complete Live-Action Cast

Peanuts Goes to Around the World by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg & Craig Schulz and Bryan Schulz

The story of the Peanuts Gang from the comic strips and TV Specials. To the two actors, Tobey Maguire and Armie Hammer, meetings on the actors and actresses for choosing the five gang for around the world. The two guide world guards will do the airport with the Peanuts' plane.

The Land Before Time by Stu Krieger and Judy Freudberg & Tony Geiss

The story in 1988, a young human boy went to San Francisco museum to see dinosaurs and meet a Pteranodon was an elderly Petrie who met his eyes. In the 65,000,000 years ago, a young Brontosaurus named Littlefoot who is orphaned when his mother is killed by a Tyrannosaurus. Littlefoot flees famine and upheaval to search for the Great Valley, an area spared from devastation. On his journey, he meets four young companions: Cera, a Triceratops; Ducky, a Saurolophus; Petrie, a Pteranodon; and Spike, a Stegosaurus. Including, a little Tyrannosaurus named Chomper from the egg to grow up to find ...

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