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The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl (1985-87) by Otto Binder & Curt Swan (DC Comics)

What if Supergirl was released as a Cartoon in the 1980's Produced by the Sunbow Productions (My Little Pony, G.I. Joe, Glo Friends)

Open Season 4 (2013) by Sony Picture Animated

Boog the bear & Elliott the deer are ready for the new movie Open Season: forever all-new movie full of laughs and all-new friends coming to DVD next year

The Amazing Climax of Gumball by Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe

In this epic finale to the television series, Gumball and Darwin unknowingly find uranium in their own backyard, leading to an incident. The government targets the two buddies as terrorists and Elmore begins to be ruled under martial law. As the story progresses, Gumball experiences the pain of growing up under tragic scenarios involving the people around him, and slowly climaxes into his manhood.

Looney Tunes in Wonderland by Warner Bros. Animation

Which Looney Tunes characters should play the wild and crazy characters in Wonderland?

Re-Animated 2 (TV movie) by Cartoon Network

Jimmy And Other Cartoons Have An Great Big Camping Jimmy's Parents & His Sister And Wise-Crack Sonny. Sonny Is Trying To Get Jimmy's Brain Jimmy's New Friends Come To Visit And New Cartoon And Dolly And Golly And His Friends Are Back So Jimmmy And Golly New Cartoon Friends Are Going Adventure To Solve The Puzzle To Stop Sonny Biggest Invention

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The Monuments Men made 10 years later.

Hogan's Heroes

Based on the Television show from the 60's.

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In 1869, two brothers bury a chest, hoping that nobody ever finds it. In 1969, ...

Dead Heat

SYNOPSIS: A post-apocalyptic remake/reboot of the cult action comedy horror film Dead Heat. In the ...


An animated sci-fi comedy about Harold, a neurotic 20-something who goes on time travel adventures ...


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