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Titles Tagged “action”

Resident Evil: Outbreak by Capcom

Set between Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil 2 explored eight suriviors fight there way out in Raccoon City to surivied.

Goldfinger by Ian Fleming (Book) Guy Hamilton (Movie)


Falling Down by Joel Schumacher

One day a LA worker is stuck in traffic and he loses it. He walks out of his car and the rest is history. This would be a cool remake.

Bullitt by Peter Yates


Birds of Prey(DC Animated Movie) by Joel Renaud

When the Justice League headquarters is taken over, and most of the members held captive it's up to this team of heroes to save the day.

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Wayside School (2016)

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Batman (1960s)

What if a Batman movie was serious, not campy like Adam West's TV show.

The Regeneration Storm 2: The Era of Gear

Unlike the first one, This one will have a steampunk atmosphere and will feature lot ...


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