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TEEN TITANS LIVE ACTION MOVIE BASED OF THE CARTOON THAT AIRED ON CARTOON NETWORK FROM YEARS 2003 - 2006 AND EVEN MADE A MOVIE CALLED TEEN TITANS Trouble in Tokyo AIRED SEPTEMBER 15, 2006 HERE'S SOME OF THE CAST FROM THE SHOW Role Actor Robin/Nightwing Scott Menville Raven Tara Strong Starfire Hynden Walch Beast Boy Greg Cipes Cyborg Khary Payton Terra Ashley Johnson

Robin Hood by J.D. Taylor

The year is 1178. In the town of Clayfield, Edmund Waldley is robbed of his title and driven from the district of Huntingdon, Lincolnshire, of which he is the Earl of, because he is branded a lepur by the inhabitants. His son, Robert is refused acccession to the title and is also driven out by a ruthless merchant by the name of Malcolm Rinchester. Ten years later, Robert is given the title Earl of Littleborough by King Richard The Lionheart in recognition of his military duty to fight the Saracen in the Holy Land. When he returns, he takes up ...

The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank! by David Hayter & Alex Tse

Final instalment. It has been some time since the streets of New York has witnessed the work of its mosty feared vigilante, The Punisher and word has it that he is dead. Too bad he doesn't quite believe it himself because the biggest target on the map is Ma Gnucci's crime syndicate. The only problem is that he's running low on money, guns and patience, living under an alias and only getting older. So when the odds turn against him and his war becomes one he can't win, Frank resorts to the most desperate of measures to date. Just what ...

Punisher: War Journal by David Hayter & Alex Tse

Following up from The Beginning, War Journal begins with the establishment of violent, sadistic hired killer Barracuda, whom Castle first comes into conflict with while targeting ruthless and corrupt corporate businessman Harry Ebbing. Upon assumedly seeing the last of Barracuda after a grisly fight to the death, Castle finds himself en route to Afghanistan to back up Kathryn O'Brien who has gone in search of revenge for past monstrosities committed against her by certain members of the Taliban. But old enemy, Russian General Nikolai Alexandrovich Zakharov and Castle's attempted assassin from 'The Beginning' Bill Rawlins, murderous ex-husband of Kathryn O'Brien, ...

Punisher: The Beginning by David Hayter & Alex Tse

A film adaptation of The Punisher in wake of the news that there is bound to be yet another reboot. If so, make it a MAX adaptation please, and give us some honest to god drama to justify the mindless violence, or else fuck everything up as you always tend to, Hollywood!!! Based on Garth Ennis's work with the legendary character and carrying on from War Zone, The Beginning takes off some years after Castle kills Jigsaw. Vigilante Ex-Special Forces Marine Frank Castle has been trying to find a way to forgive the past through fighting the murderous criminal underworld ...

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