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Princess of Darkness by Dan Ashley

Lori Driver has been left at home to finish her University dissertation while her parents go on holiday in Spain for a few weeks. In that time Britain falls foul of a new strain of swine flu that causes the bodies of dead animals to reanimate. The American Military is way too coincidentally at hand to deal with the situation but within ten days, the UK falls foul of the pandemic known as Marionettes Syndrome and gets back up to finish off the surviving population. All alone at home and with a zombified pervert neighbour stalking her wherever she goes, ...

Happy Tree Friends by Mondo Media

What if the HTFs were played by famous live action characters.

Turbo Teen by Ruby-Spears

Teenager Bret Matthews wasn't popular with the ladies but he got off a road during a thunderstorm and crashes into a secret government laboratory, he and his red sports car are accidentally exposed to a molecular beam and fused together and as a result, Brett gains the ability to morph into the car. With this new super hero power, Brett and his friends Patti and Alex (who call him "TT") as well as Brett's dog Rusty go on crime-fighting adventures together and solve other mysteries.

Goldie Gold and Action Jack by Ruby-Spears

wealthy socialite, heiress and owner of the Gold Street Journal Goldie Gold and her ace reporter companion,boyfriend/adventurer Action Jack go on danger adventures expolored mystery plots

Queen Victoria: Zombie Killer by Mr Strange

Queen Victoria was a monarch by day Zombie killer by night With her husband Albert, son Albert Jr. and her court of noblemen/zombiekillers, they battle the evil King Oozeyskin to rid the world of the living dead

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Down at Fraggle Rock

This story of Jim Henson and the puppeteers has to be the TV series, as ...

Old Yeller

In the Wild West, A boy name Travis adopts a yellow dog home. The dog ...

Calamity Jane

An American frontierswoman and professional scout, known for her claims of being an acquaintance of ...

Wes Anderson's The Catcher in the Rye

After his expulsion from prep school, disillusioned Holden spends two days in New York disgusted ...


Live-Action adaptation of the 1997 animated film.


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