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Forgotten Worlds by Capcom

Set in a distant future, an evil god known as Emperor Bios has destroyed most of the Earth, turning it into a desolated wasteland known as the "Dust World". Two nameless super-soldiers are created by the people to defeat Bios and the eight evil gods who serve him.

The Modifyers by Chris Reccardi and Lynne Naylor

Agent Xero, top spy of a secret organization, does battle with Baron Vain and his henchmen.

Shannon Atherton by Main storyline by Daniel Williamson

SHANNON ATHERTON is a Western TV Movie. A skilled and talented riflewoman called Shannon Atherton rides onto a ranch in a valley, for work and food and rest. At the ranch, The rancher Wilfred McKinney decides to hire Atherton to go after horse thief Virgil O'Brien and his associates Gerry Curtis, Mitchell Stoneman and Judd Westaway who have stolen McKinney's four horses from the ranch. Riding off in pursuit of O' Brien, Curtis, Stoneman and Westaway and to recover McKinney's horses. Not only has Atherton got getting McKinney's horses back to deal with - Atherton discovers O'Brien, Curtis, Stoneman and ...

Beast Wars by Hasbro

An adaptation to 90's TV animation series. The prehistoric Earth plante becomes a battlefield in the war between Maximals and Predacons.

Mad Max 2 by Terry Hayes, George Miller and Brian Hannant

Roaming the highways of post-apocalyptic Australia, years after he avenged his wife and son and his partner who were murdered by the motorcycle gang led by the evil Toecutter. Burnt out former Australian policeman Max Rockatansky, now known as ''The Road Warrior'' searching for sources of fuel, stumbles upon a gasoline refinery home to a community of survivors who are struggling for survival and finds the community is being terrorized by a band of brutal motorcyclists led by The Humungus and his finest warrior, Wez, who bid to loot all the gasoline from the refinery for themselves. The community hires ...

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