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Prey by Michael Crichton

Jack Forman, computer programmer, is called to remote laboratory complex in Nevada desert. There his wife Julia, and her team, have been developing new technology to military use: self-replicating nanotechnolgy. But nano-bugs have escaped and are now multiplying rapidly at the desert, killing everything that stands in their way.

'Salem's Lot by Stephen King

Novelist Ben Mears comes back to the Maine town of 'Salem's Lot after several decades to finish his manuscript and finally put to rest bad childhood memories. Unfortunately, vampires have moved into town and now it's up to Mears and his newgroup of friends to stop the ancient enemy before he and his minions take over the entire town

The Body In The Library by Agatha Christie

Early one morning, Colonel Bantry and his wife Dolly discover the dead body of a blonde girl named Ruby Bartlett in their library. Puzzled as to how it got there, they call the police. The investigation soon reveals that she was about to be adopted by a crippled millionaire Conway Jefferson. Elsewhere, a fifteen year-old girl Pamela Reeves goes missing. Dolly's friend, Miss Marple, believes that the the disappearance of the Reeves girl and the murder of Ruby Bartlett are connected and sets herself the challenge of finding out what links these two events.

Justice by J.D. Taylor

During the summer break from a British boarding school for girls, 16 year-old Jessica Smart goes with her parents, Tim and Sophie, on a driving holiday around California. Whilst on their way from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, they are caught in the middle of a shootout, when men with machine guns open fire on a convoy containing two stretch limousines and three cars. The occupants of the targeted vehicles return fire. Tim and Sophie's car is mistaken for one of the drug baron's vehicles and fired upon, killing them both. Terrified for her life, Jessica tries to escape by ...

Live And Let Die by Ian Fleming

An attempt to smuggle Seventeenth Century coins is foiled by customs. Tracing the shipment back to a coloured American gangster called Mister Big, 'M' orders James Bond to investigate this master criminal's activities. Whilst in New Orleans, he comes into contact with the evil crime boss and is captivated by the nineteen year-old British-born Tarot card reader known only as Solitaire. The two of them join forces and they soon learn that he is smuggling these priceless coins to countries where Middle Eastern terrorist cells are awaiting funds to help carry out their attacks against Western European and US targets. ...

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