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Boadicea by Dan Ashley

Charting Rome's occupation of the British Isles; after the death of her husband, the tribal king Prasutagus of the Iceni, Queen Boadicea saw her people oppressed, her daughters raped and enslaved and her lands pillaged and ruined by a mighty empire that refused to take no for an answer. Bringing the opposing tribes together, Boadicea wiped out thousands of Rome's best soldiers, slaughtered their people and burned London down to the ground in the name of freedom and revenge. Desperate not to be undermined by the fearless warrior, the remains of Rome's armies in Britain were drawn into one last ...

Little Mel by Gabriel Lewis (original idea)

About the exploits of Melvin Purvis.

Helter Skelter by Gabriel Lewis (original idea)

The story of the Manson family.

Coming Out Of The Kitchen: The Verity Lambert Story by J.D. Taylor - Taken from various biographical sources

Movie biopic chronicling the life of legendary programme producer and television drama guru Verity Lambert from her teenage years up to the last few years of her life.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Life by Cody Carr

Based on the deranged and sociopathic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

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