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Bellerophon by Adapted from the Greek Myth

Mini-series which is an adaptation of the Greek Myth. The mini-series is the Greek mythological fable of Bellerophon, citizen of Corinth, whom is exiled from Corinth, after being accused of murder, which is later resolved by King Proteus of Tiryns. After the King's wife Sthenenboea makes a pass at Bellerophon. Bellerophon is sent by King Proteus to deliver a letter to his father-in-law King Inobates of Lycia. King Inobates decides to hire Bellerophon to destroy an evil fire breathing monster called The Chimera and rid The Chimera of his kingdom. After seeking advice from the seer Polyeidus and the goddess ...

Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (2012) by Based on the Fiction House Comic Books

After her father, explorer Cardwell Rivington is killed by the witch doctor Koba. Sheena, a orphaned girl is raised in the jungle by apes and grows up and becomes queen of the jungle and chooses a hunter named Bob Reynolds as her mate...

Sign of the Gladiator by Based on the screenplay "Nel Segno di Roma" by Francesco Thellung, Francesco De Feo, Sergio Leone, Guiseppe Mangione and Guido Brignone.

Mini-series which is a remake of the 1959 Roman epic "Nel Segno di Roma". The Mini-series is set in 217 AD and follows the courageous Roman consul Marcus Valerius, whom is tortured and enslaved, after his Roman troops, whom he led in battle, are crushed by the Queen of Palmira, Zenobia, whom has led her people into rebellion against the Roman Empire. After managing to escape, Marcus meets with Zenobia and pretends to hate the Roman Empire and offers to serve Zenobia, so he can win her confidence and gain her trust, as part of Marcus's plan to help his ...

The Adventures Of Frank Mouse by Disney's

From The Director Of The Secret Of N.I.M.H & An American Tail And From The Creator Of The Land Before Time A Hard-Workin Mouse Name Frankie (Voice As Christopher Maurice Brown) The Street Talking Mouse He's Faveorite Girls And Helping Humans Frank's Dad Try To Warn Him Not To! Frank Got A Plan To Help People And A Trouble Princess (Like A Cinderella Story) Frank's Biggest Big Giant Cat Frank's Friends Andrew And Justin Warning Him Not To 'Cause Frank's Dad Said So No One Tell Him What To Do? So Frank And Princess Ellen Went To The Park So ...

Rival Schools by Capcom

Batsu Ichimonji and High school students from different schools must join forces to defeat his school's principal Raizo Imawano.

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