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Forgotten Legend by Nicholas Perkins


cartoon world by dreamwork animation

in cartoon world they have ctites,schools,gas stations,police stations,fire station,and everything a man named zack gets jealous of his guy named speed barricade who thinks he is real star ranger but they trap into real world double but speed discovers that he is cartoon character created by people who draw cartoons and zack was right and speed was wrong but they team up to into cartoon world

Dumb & Dumber by Peter Farrelly, Bennett Yellin and Bobby Farrelly

Lloyd Christmas is a loser limo driver, who tries to return a suitcase which contains a lot of money to its owner, a beautiful woman named Mary Swanson which he took in his limo to the airport, earlier. He must give her back the suitcase, and for that he goes with his dumb partner, Harry Dunne to a snowy town named Aspen. But a pair of criminals who wants the money try to follow them and to steal the money in the suitcase. Moreover, Harry and Lloyd both fall in love with Mary, and they struggle each other to win ...

Endoria: Princess of Vanir by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

ENDORIA: PRINCESS OF VANIR is a Fantasy Adventure TV Series. After her parents are both murdered by the evil witch Maragov. The beautiful sorceress Endoria Brannacus flees deep into the Misty Forest with her Grandfather, The Wizard Zen Brannacus. Before Maragov uses her dark powers to imprison Zen within a stone wall for all-eternity. Zen Reveals to Endoria she isn't his Granddaughter and her real parents were the rightful rulers of the once-beautiful kingdom of Vanir in the Heartland, who were exiled by Maragov into ''The Realm of Eternal Darkness'' and Vanir collpased and Maragov became the Empress of a ...

Superman: Reign of the 4 Supermen by Alan Brummett and Bruce Timm

In this Epic Saga Chapter of "The Death and Return of Superman" storyline after Superman was being rumored to believe he was killed by Doomsday. But the 4 Supermen came to planet earth to believe themselves if they are the true Superman. They are Cyborg, Eradicator, Steel, and Superboy.

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