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The Mind of Tim Burton by Gabriel Lewis (original idea)

When two kids find a magic carpet, they climb onto it and tell it to go inside anyone's mind. It chooses Tim Burton's. They will try to escape with the help of his characters. It'll be Coraline meets Being John Malkovich meets Imagionationland!

Dredd (2011) by Based on the Comic Strip created by Carlos Ezquerra and John Wagner. Screenplay by Alex Garland.

New cinematic adaptation of the 2000 comic strip, which was first brought to the big screen in the 1995 sci-fi action classic JUDGE DREDD starring Slyvester Stallone. Judge Dredd, Mega City One's greatest elite policeman who upholds the law in the violent futuristic city, goes up against the evil criminal Madeline Madrigal aka Ma-Ma...

Judge Dredd by 2000 A.D.

Based on the British comic book vigilante, Judge Dredd is the toughest judge in Mega City One. He shoots runners and kills gangsters. Now I know the Stallone one sucked, but we should try again.

The Trapper Rises Again by Daniel Williamson (Devisor)

THE TRAPPER RISES AGAIN is an American Action Western TV series. After saving Una Sparrow, a beautiful young woman who is wanted for kiliing a General in the US Military in self-defence, from the associates of unreedmable bounty hunter Brad Turnbull, the rival of his father Owen, also a bounty hunter. 19-year old John Hodge's life is soon turned upside-down when Turnbull murders his father. After he swears vengeance on Turnbull, John and Una go to meet up with a old friend of Owen, former Texas Ranger Richard McNally. McNally tells John the truth about his father and John learns ...

The Ultimate Superheroes by Walt Disney Pictures

In New York City, New York a group of Superheroes team up in a battle with the new group of villains and vixens in a conflict resolution

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