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The Dreamstone by Michael Jupp

Somewhere in the Universe is a Planet only visible to those who believe in it. On the sunny side lives the Old Dream Maker, guardian of the most precious and powerful thing in the world - The Dreamstone. Every night he uses it to send out dreams to the world, assisted by Albert his watchdog Fish, and two Noops, Rufus and Amberley. On the dark side of the Planet dwells the hugh and terrible Zordrak, Lord of Nightmares, hatching his evil plans to steal The Dreamstone so that Nightmares may rule. Zordrak is protected by his Army of Urpneys - ...

Battle Beyond the Stars (2015) by Based on the Screenplay by John Sayles.

The Year is 2380. Earth and Thousands of Worlds across the Universe has been Conquered by the evil Tyrant Sador and his Armada in his goal to rule the Universe. Sador and his Armada invades Akir, A peaceful Planet where violence is outlawed and Sador threatens to destroy Akir, if the Native Akirans refuses to accept Sador as their Ruler. In a desperate gamble, Shad, A Young Farmboy escapes from Akir and sets off on a quest to find and recruit Mercenaries to fight Sador and his Armada. Joined by Nanelia, Computer Specialist and Daughter of the crippled Scientist Dr. ...

Spider-Man (1990) by Stan Lee

What if Spider-Man came out in the early 90's ?

Amazons and Gladiators by Zachary Weintruab

During the Roman Empire, General Crassius was given rule of a remote village by Ceaser to keep Crassius out of Rome. Crassius is a tyrant who delights in torturing his townspeople, and one day he murders the Mother of Sisters Serena and Gwyned. Serena is sold into slavery and Gwyned becomes one of Crassius's personal love slaves. Ten Years Later, Serena escapes slavery and joins the Amazon Warrior Women. Serena's path leads her back to Crassius as a Gladiator, where she plans to exact her revenge...

Titan A.E. by Don Bluth

A remake of the cult classic animated film done in live action. After the destruction of Earth and the near extinction of the human race, the young Cale Tucker is discovered to hold the map to the spaceship called the Titan, the last hope for the human race. As they go on their journey they are relentlessly pursued by the aliens called the Drej, the ones who destroyed Earth.

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Swiss Family Robinson

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Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild (Live Action)

A Live Action Version of Stuart Little 3


Travis Bridger is an introverted man who is exhausted of traveling around the world and ...

Apocalypse Z VI

It is the sixth and final installment in the Apocalypse Z series Plot The Predators ...

Rocky IV 1975

if Rocky IV gets 40 years earlier


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