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Richard La Plante's Tegne: Soul Warrior by Richard La Plante (Based on book)

Epic mini-series which is an adaptation of the fantasy novel by Richard La Plante. In a mythical time and place. A baby boy is born to a albino slave woman and Renagi, Warlord of Zendow, after the boy is conceived outside wedlock. After his mother dies. The boy Tegne is trained as a monk and martial arts warrior. But when Renagi's assassins tries to kill him, Tegne is rescued and raised by a monk of the Temple of the Moon named Tabata and Tabata helps Tegne to wield his physical and spiritual abilities. Years later, Tegne and his companions: Rin, ...

Lupin the Third (70's) by Monkey Punch (Characters)

What would happen if the manga was adapted in the 70's?

Lupin the Third : The Secret of Mamo by Monkey Punch (characters)

The live-action version of the film "Mystery of Mamo" by Hollywood.

Bond 27 (2022) by Ian Fleming (Characters)

007's investigation into the disappearance of former Bolivian intelligence agent Camille Montes, leads 007 to uncover a mysterious female Russian criminal mastermind's scheme to blackmail the Bolivian government, which also leads 007 to learn that the criminal mastermind has a connection to Camille's past...

Bond 26 (2019) by Ian Fleming (Characters)

007 and a beautiful Italian Secret Service agent set out to find the bomber responsible for the bombing at Italian Secret Service HQ...

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