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Blackwood by Andrew Milito

A group of five college age friends take a seemingly normal, week-long vacation at the Blackwood Forest lodge. All seems normal at first, but the cabin and its surrounding forest hold its own secrets that push the friends to their emotional and psychological breaking points. Comparison pitch: Evil Dead meets 1408 meets The Thing. Rated R for strong bloody violence and gore, some sexual content, and language. Characters: *Adam Blair: Reserved, unwilling leader of the group. Shares a close bond with Sarah. *Sarah Winfield: Nostalgic and sullen, yet tough-skinned. Shares a close bond with Adam. *Emily Burton: Intellectual, logic-based member ...

Prince Lestat by Anne Rice

Over a decade after the events of Blood Canticle, the remaining vampires of the world are in chaos. The most famous of them all, Lestat de Lioncourt, finds himself called upon to come out of his self-imposed exile to reassert order, and is reunited with fellow vampires ancient and new, including his distant mother.

Legion (2000) by Scott Stewart

Legion made 10 years earlier. A group of strangers fight for the welfare of humanity. (IMDB)

1993 by Peace Arch Entertainment and Tim Burton

This story on February 26, 1993, it was the Bombing of World Trade Center in New York City.

PARTY CRASHING REBELS by (Party Crashers) by John Silver, Universal Pictures, and Rebels by Tristan Hartup

This is my entry for Rhyder_Hawkman's Challenge. (He is the original creator of Rebels.) Months after successfully busting Vincent Marshall and his henchmen for his crimes involving corruption and collection of drugs, Party Crashers Marcus Benson and Sean Pardee have now begun a very successful life with their girlfriends, fame, and glory. One night in December while planning to attend a party hosted by Marcus's father, Sean notices 4 boys getting chased down by a fugitive and his henchmen who believe that the boys stole something valuable to their group. In the process of the chase, the Rebels lose the ...

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