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Sharpshooter (2009) by Skeeter Hurd

What if Sharpshooter was made 10 years earlier?

MUTATE by John Silver; Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures

1989 - A team of 7 scientists are conducting an experiment in which a superhuman serum is developed to aid the crippled, mentally ill, and the entirely weakened to be treated of their impediments and prevail as fighters for the next secret soldier army. Some members are polarized by the direction of taking the serum for military purposes while others debate on using it as a means to cure terminal diseases. One night, a neurologist of the group makes the fatal mistake of going to the lab and ends up stealing a variety of samples for the serum, ends up ...

Sharpshooter by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

An disgruntled soldier turns his life around when he teams up with a mysterious drifter. CHARACTER LIST: Jack Downs - He is a disgruntled soldier decides to turn his life around after being discharged for bad behavior. Lucy Downs - She is Jack's wife. Paula Downs - She is Jack's daughter. Barbara Boyle - She is an mysterious drifter who catches Jack's eye. Bill Lamb - He is an convicted felon. Kristy Moon - She is a drug addicted aspiring actress. Debby Moon - She is Kristy's twin sister. Axel Moore - He is a drug lord. Dakota Grey - ...

Super Rich Kids by Andrew Milito

"I want to spin my little watch right before your eyes You're the kind of girl a guy like me could hypnotize And if this comes as a surprise, just think of all those guys who would tell you lies I want to spin my little watch right before your eyes" -"Hypnotize," The White Stripes A black comedy centered on five high school social outcasts and delinquents, who find themselves teaming up to target the social and economic "superiors" that have victimized them year after year, and get the revenge they each so rightfully deserve. The plan ends in success, ...

Blade Runner 2049 (2007) by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green

If Blade Runner 2049 was made 10 years earlier.

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